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The Tao language (zh-c|c=達悟語), also known as Yami (雅美), is a Batanic language spoken by the Tao people of Taiwan who live on Orchid Island, 46 kilometers southeast of the main island of Taiwan. It is the only language of Taiwanese aborigines that does not fit in with the other Formosan languages but instead shares linguistic similarities with the Ivatan language spoken in the Batanes of northern Philippines.

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*Languages of Taiwan
*Taiwanese aborigines
*Tao people
*Batanic languages
*Ivatan language

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* Yami wordlists at the Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database: [http://language.psy.auckland.ac.nz/austronesian/language.php?id=254 1] , [http://language.psy.auckland.ac.nz/austronesian/language.php?id=335 2]

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