Republic of Molossia

Republic of Molossia
Flag of the Republic of Molossia.svg
Coat of Arms
Motto: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Anthem: "Molossia, Nation in the Desert" by Kevin Baugh
Area claimed 14.3 acres (5.8 ha)
Membership 12
Date of foundation September 3, 1999
Leadership President Kevin Baugh (dictatorial)
Organisational structure presidential Republic (Dictatorship de facto[citation needed])
Language English
Purported currency Valora
Capital Espera
Time zone Molossian Standard Time (UTC-7 hours, 29 minutes)

The Republic of Molossia is an unrecognized micronation, founded by Kevin Baugh semi-humorously as a "dictatorial banana-republic" and headquartered solely from a tiny home near Dayton, Nevada.

It consists of Baugh's house (known as Government House), backyard and front garden, about 1 acre (0.4 ha) of land, as well as another property in Southern California. It formerly claimed a property in Pennsylvania as well. According to author John Ryan, Molossia is "a hobby... that has been pushed... to the nth degree."[1] Originally established as a childhood project in 1977, Molossia subsequently evolved into a territorial entity in the late 1990s.

The name Molossia is derived from the Spanish word morro which means "small rocky hill". Baugh has stated that the ancient Greek tribe of Molossians is unrelated.[2]



Molossia traces its origins to a childhood micronation project, the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, which was created by Baugh and James Spielman on May 26, 1977. Vuldstein's leadership—and entire population—consisted of King James I (Spielman), and Prime Minister Baugh.

On September 3, 1999, Baugh created the Republic of Molossia as a latter day successor to Vuldstein, and declared himself to be its president.


Border sign, Harmony Province

Molossia consisted of two properties, (previously three) located within the continental United States and comprising a total area of 58,000 acres (23,000 ha), these are owned by Baugh. Harmony Province is located near Dayton, Nevada and is the smallest of Molossia's territories at little more than one acre in size. It is the Baugh family's primary place of residence, and the site of Molossia's designated capital, Espera.

The Protectorate of New Antrim was located at an undisclosed location in Pennsylvania and was the largest of Molossia's territories at a little over 8 acres (3.2 ha) in extent. It was named for the Northern Irish County Antrim and had its own governor, Grand Admiral Hess. It is no longer claimed by Molossia.

In August 2003, Baugh purchased a small piece of rural land in Northern California. This was referred to the Colony of Farfalla. The property was sold late in 2005, after Baugh inherited more land which he subsequently named Desert Homestead Province, in Southern California.[2] Desert Homestead was previously owned by Baugh's grandfather, and the property has since been declared a "national monument" dedicated to him.[2]

Vesperia is the name of Molossia's claim of 49,881 square miles (130,000 km2) on the planet of Venus.

Also, Molossia claims a spot named Neptune Deep in the North Pacific Ocean, about 750 kilometres (470 mi) southwest of Mexico.[3]


President Kevin Baugh (born July 30, 1963)


The Republic of Molossia claims to be a sovereign, independent nation-state, completely surrounded by the United States. As a result, it has adopted a system of government recognizably similar in structure to that of a sovereign state.


Molossia is a republic governed by a constitution creating a National Assembly and other institutions of state. However, "due to unrest and the ever-present foreign menace from over the border", a state of martial law exists, enabling the President, Kevin Baugh, to exercise all powers of governance, including foreign affairs.[2]

Foreign relations

Molossia recognizes several other micronations, with numerous treaties enacted to this end.[2] In May 2008, a summit was held with Grand Duke Paul, leader of the Grand Duchy of Greifenberg, another micronation. Plans were made for the revitalization of the League of Small Nations, a nearly defunct organization devoted to the prosperity of all micronations claiming land. This was Molossia's first ever formal state visit.[4] Molossia asserts it was one of the first countries to recognize the Republic of Kosovo, one day after the Albanian majority country was declared on February 18, 2008, with Baugh sending an official letter to the newly formed government.[5]

Molossian Postal and Telegraph Service

The Molossian Postal and Telegraph Service only functions within the Republic of Molossia since the micronation is unrecognized and therefore has no equivalent agencies outside it. The Postal and Telegraph Service currently produces cinderella stamps [6][7].


Molossian customs station

In recent years the various micronation-themed art installations and landscaping projects that Baugh has constructed around his home have begun to attract the interest of some outside Molossia,[4] to the extent that up to 10 tourists now visit annually.[citation needed]

Visits are only possible by prior arrangement, and involve a 45-minute guided tour conducted by Baugh—typically in uniform. Visitors are required to produce a passport and their pocket change in order to be admitted.[8] Baugh has stated that these requirements are waived for citizens of Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco, Seborga and "any other country recognized by Molossia".[2]

Several items are banned in Molossia, including firearms, tobacco, and incandescent light bulbs.[9]

War With East Germany

The Republic of Molossia has claimed that it is fighting a war with East Germany[10] and it has issued war bonds to stop the war.[11] It claims that is has been fighting it since November 2, 1983.[10]

In popular culture

Molossia was the main focus and site of the two-year anniversary of the That Guy with the Glasses website. Doug Walker produced a six-part film starring Channel Awesome members called Kickassia, set primarily in Molossia. In the film, the Nostalgia Critic attempts to conquer Molossia and become its new leader, with the help of various other members of the That Guy With the Glasses site. Kevin Baugh played the opposing force. The invaders temporarily succeed and rename the nation "Kickassia", but Baugh manipulates the group into dethroning the Nostalgia Critic and giving him back his presidency.[12]

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