The Talismans of Shannara

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"The Talismans of Shannara" is the fourth book of the tetralogy "The Heritage of Shannara" written by Terry Brooks.

Plot summary

The Elves and Paranor are both now back in the Four Lands, and the former Walker Boh has inherited Allanon's powers; also, the Sword of Shannara has been found. Knowing all these, Rimmer Dall decided to attempt to destroy all of the The Scions of Shannara. For Walker Boh, he dispatched the Four Horsemen (Famine, Pestilence, War and Death) to Paranor. For Wren, he sent an untrue friend. And for Par Ohmsford, whose wishsong was growing steadily more uncontrollable, he decided to deceive him to death by his brother Coll Ohmsford

All the traps laid by Rimmer Dall came to fruition even before Ohmsfords' realized that all of the charges laid by the shade of Allanon have been fulfilled. The Ohmsfords struggled to control their own power: Walker Boh struggled to use the knowledge and power he inherited, Wren Ohmsford struggled to gain the confidence of the Elven minister, the head of Elven army and Par Ohmsford struggle to use the Sword of Shannara. In a clash with a Shadowen, which happened to be Coll in disguise, he found out that the Sword was really meant for his brother Coll Ohmsford; after the fight, Par found out who he had really fought, and then decided to follow Coll to help him out of what he has become. He followed Coll to Rainbow Lake and finally, with the help of the King of Silver River, he saved his brother from Rimmer Dall, the leader of the Shadowen but due to back-firing of his own wishsong magic is left back. Rimmer Dall imprisons him at Southwatch and starts trying to break into his mind.

First Trap Against Walker Boh

At Paranor, Walker Boh fought the Four Horsemen, defeating all of them after a time--but he lost his old friend Cogline in the fight with Death. Later, Walker dreamt of Allanon, who asked him to help the Ohmsfords' before they were lost. At Arborlon, Wren Ohmsford set out to war against a Federation army. With the help of Triss and Tiger Ty, she managed to lead the Elves to victory at first, but then Creepers, who were almost single-handedly responsible for the fall of the Dwarves, came to the aid of the Federation army.

Damson Rhee, with help from Matty Roh and Morgan Leah, rescued Padishar Creel, and they promptly sent him north to summon the army of the Free-born to aid the Elves in their war against the Federation. Damson Rhee,Matty Roh and Morgan Leah then traveled further south in search of Par Ohmsford. At the same time Coll realizes what has happened to him and starts traveling north to Southwatch to rescue Par.

Second Trap against Wren

Wren Ohmsford is deceived by Shadowen and captured to be taken to Southwatch, Morgan Leah out of sheer luck attacks the wagon in which she was being carried and rescues her. On her way back to the elves she is rescued by Tiger Ty and his Rok from the Shadowen who track her. Tiger Ty informs Wren Ohmsford that he met Padishar Creel and the free born army were on their way to help elves. Wren with Tiger Ty and Triss by her side flew south to destroy the Creepers. At Southwatch Walker Boh turns up and helps Morgan Leah while he was just about to be attacked by a Shadowen patrol. Coll Ohmsford is rescued by Damson Rhee and Matty Roh, from slave merchants. Coll Ohmsford, Damson Rhee and Matty Roh travel to Southwatch to rescue Par.

Walker Boh surveys the Southwatch tower for position of Par and then start an assault to the Southwatch with Damson Rhee and Matty Roh safe under Druid Magic, Coll Ohmsford holding the sword of Shannara and Morgan Leah holding his sword of Leah. At Matted Brakes Wren Ohmsford successfully destroys Creepers with the help of Triss, Tiger Ty, Sestra and Faun.

As the Elven army, Home Guard battled the Federation Shadowen attack Wren from the deep forest and were about to kill her when Faun, the tree squeak gave up her fears and attacked the Shadowen just to give enough time for Wren to call the magic of the elf stones and burn them up. Wren recovers to discover Faun's dead body lying among her Home Guards. On the same day Desidio was also lost. Just then, when Elven army was almost about to lose, the Freeborn army appear out of eastland with men and Rocktrolls. Elves headed by Triss and Barsimmon Oridio, Men headed by Padishar Creel and Chandos and Troll headed by Axhind joined forces under Wrento crush down Southlander army.

Destruction of Southwatch

Walker Boh, Coll Ohmsford, Damson Rhee, Matty Roh, and Morgan Leah journeyed into Southwatch, the Shadowen stronghold, from where they have been draining the earth's magic. They rescue Par Ohmsford by help of the sword of Shannara. Par learns reality of his birth that being half elven and half Shannara, he was partially Shadowen. He finally freed "The stolen Earth Magic" which was bounded by Shadowen. As soon as it was free it brought down Rimmer Dall and other Shadowen and dark creatures of its type. Walker Boh, Par Ohmsford, Coll Ohmsford, Damson Rhee, Matty Roh, and Morgan Leah escaped just before Southwatch crumbled to the ground. This quake kills all the Shadowen and Creepers in the Federation army and leads to victory of the elves' allies.


Major characters

*Coll Ohmsford
*Damson Rhee
*Four Horseman
*Matty Roh
*Morgan Leah
*Padishar Creel
*Par Ohmsford
*Rimmer Dall
*Tiger Ty
*Walker Boh
* Wren Elessedil

Minor characters

*Barsimmon Oridio

External links

* [ Author's Note for "The Talismans of Shannara"]
* [ Author's Note for "The Heritage of Shannara"]

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