Topic outline of agriculture

Agriculture, which encompasses farming, is the process of producing food, feed, fiber and other goods by the systematic raising of plants and animals. Agricultural developments have been crucial factors in social change, including the specialization of human activity. According to [ the CIA Factbook 2008] , 40% of the world's laborers are employed in agriculture, making it by far the most common occupation. Primary agricultural production accounts for less than 5% of the Gross World Product (an aggregate of all Gross Domestic Products), but much of the industrial production (one-third of GWP) derives from the processing of agricultural products, such as food and fiber.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to agriculture:

Essence of agriculture

: "Main article: Agriculture"

Agricultural production

* Food
* Natural fibers
* Lumber
* Paper

Agricultural resources

* Agricultural land
* Agricultural labor
* Water
* Agricultural machinery
* Fertilizers

Climate-based agriculture

* Arid-zone agriculture
* Tropical agriculture

Branches of agriculture


: "Main article: Aquafarming"

* Aquaculture
* Mariculture


* Breeding
* Crops
* Farm equipment
** Baler
** Combine harvester
** Farm tractor
** Mower
** Pickup truck
** Plough
** Spreader
** Tractor
* Field day
* Greenhouse
* Integrated farming
* Intercropping
* Irrigation
* Livestock
** Cattle
** Pigs
** Poultry
** Sheep
* Orchard
* Organic farming
* Organic gardening
* Permaculture
* Pollination management
* Produce
** Grains
** Fruits
** Legumes
** Nuts
** Vegetables

= Apiculture (Beekeeping) =

* Apiary
* Apiology
* Bee
* Beehive
* Beekeeper
* Honey

Dairy farming


* Fishery


* Agroforestry
* Analog forestry
* Forest gardening
* Forest farming




Agricultural Disciplines

Agricultural chemistry

Agricultural economics

* Agrarian system
* Agribusiness
* Agricultural extension
* Economic development
* Rural Community Development

Agricultural education

Agricultural engineering

* Agricultural Machinery
* Bioprocess Engineering
* Farm equipment
* Food Engineering
* Natural Resources
* Energy
* Workshop
* Structures
* Electronics
* System Engineering

Agricultural philosophy

Agricultural policy

Agricultural science


Agricultural soil science

* Agrogeology
* Agrology
* Agrominerals
* Land degradation
* Land improvement
* Soil
* Soil amendment
* Soil erosion
* Soil life
* Soil type
* Soils retrogression and degradation


* Agrophysics
* Biodiversity
* Climate change and agriculture
* Composting
* Ecology
* Ecosystem
* Green residues
* Natural resources
* Recycling
* Sludge
* Sustainable agriculture

Animal husbandry

History of agriculture

* Agricultural revolution
* History of agricultural science

Agriculturally-based manufacturing industries

Food industry

* Bakery
* Brewing, Brewing industry
* Dairy
* Distribution center
* Food processing
** Food additive
** Food preservation
* Food safety
* Food science
* Foodborne illness
* Mandatory labelling
* Packaging
* Pasteurization
* Quality assurance
* Sterilization
* Warehouse
* Yeast

Pulp and paper industry

Agriculturally-based retail markets

Food distribution

Food outlets

General agricultural terms

* Agricultural cycle
* Cash crop
* Land use
* Sustainable agriculture

Prominent agricultural scientists

* Robert Bakewell
* Norman Borlaug
* Luther Burbank
* Louis Pasteur
* Gregor Mendel
* René Dumont
* George Washington Carver

Agriculture lists

* List of agricultural organizations
* List of agricultural universities and colleges
* List of sustainable agriculture topics

External links

* [] - Advance the education of the public in all aspects of agriculture, the countryside and the rural economy
* [ National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - Agriculture Page]
* [ Research on the role of Agriculture in Poverty Reduction] from the Overseas Development Institute

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