Living as American Neighbors

Living as American Neighbors is a textbook designed for K-8 levels of American schools. Its primary objective is "to develop responsible citizens who appreciate the American way of life" by comparing and contrasting the history and geography of Canada and the whole of Latin America with the United States [i] .

*Authors: Prudence Cutright and Loyal Durand, Jr.
*Editors: Prudence Cutright and John Jarolimek
*Publisher: The MacMillan Company, New York
*Locations of use in schools: Seattle School District, starting September 7, 1967


First Edition 1958

An earlier edition was printed with the title Living Together as American Neighbors [iv] .

* Unit 1. Our Neighbors in the Americas;:1. Our Neighbors North and South;:2. The Lands of the Americas;:3. Explorers and Claims;:4. A Glimpse of the Americas Today

* Unit 2. When Canada was Young;:1. The French in New France;:2. The Growth of New France;:3. Explorers for New France;:4. Life in New France;:5. How the British Took New France;:6. How the British Developed Canada

* Unit 3. Canada, and Independent Nation;:1. How Canada United;:2. How Canada Grew from Sea to Sea;:3. Life in Colonial Canada;:4. How Canada is Governed;:5. How the West Was Settled

* Unit 4. Living in Canada Today;:1. Living in the Atlantic Provinces;:2. Living in Ontario and Quebec;:3. Living in the Prairie Provinces;:4. Living in British Columbia;:5. Canada's Northland

* Unit 5. When Latin America Was Young;:1. Three Great Indian Nations;:2. Spaniards in the Americas;:3. Life in Spanish America;:4. The Portuguese in Brazil

* Unit 6. Latin America Gains Its Freedom;:1. Moving Towards Independence;:2. Independence in Mexico and the Caribbean Area;:3. The Freeing of Northern South America;:4. In Southern South America;:5. How Brazil Gained Independence

* Unit 7. Mexico and the Caribbean Lands;:1. The Republic of Mexico;:2. Central America Today;:3. The West Indies Islands;:4. Northern South America

* Unit 8. The Andean Lands;:1. The Republic of Ecuador;:2. The Republic of Peru;:3. The Republic of Bolivia;:4. The Republic of Chile

* Unit 9. La Plata Countries;:1. The Republic of Argentina;:2. The Republic of Paraguay;:3. The Republic of Uruguay
* Unit 10. Brazil in Modern Times;:1. Brazil as an Empire;:2. Brazil Today;:3. The Amazon Basin and the Interior;:4. Brazil's Coastal Regions and Southland;:5. Brazil's Problems

* Unit 11. Working Together;:1. The Americas and the World;:2. Working Together in the Americas;:3. Sharing in Other Ways

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