Memory Hole 1

Memory Hole 1
Studio album by Kevin Moore
Released 2004
Genre Radio Show
Producer Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore chronology
This is a Recording
Memory Hole 1
Ghost Book

Memory Hole 1 consists of an 80-minute radio program that Kevin Moore did for Radio For Peace International.

Track listing

I. Enduring Freedom Part 1
No. Title Length
1. "It Goes Something Like This"   7:55
2. "Homily"   3:13
3. "The Little Parts We Like"   4:23
4. "When Fear Ends"   3:04
5. "I'd Like To Beat You Up"   2:47
6. "Verily"   2:39
7. "Saying This Is A Time Of War"   4:07
8. "Christmas Message"   1:19
II. Enduring Freedom Part 2
No. Title Length
9. "So You Become"   1:07
10. "Mother Of Exiles"   6:40
11. "Black Horse Carousel"   1:27
12. "Preacherman Show"   4:56
13. "Why Is It"   6:56
III. Meet The New Boss
No. Title Length
14. "Our Folks"   2:53
15. "State Of The Union"   6:58
16. "What The Bastards Say"   6:07
17. "The Mark Of The Wizard"   3:36
18. "The Christ Android"   3:12
19. "Think Back"   6:11
Total length:

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