Snow Business

"Snow Business" is a 1951-produced, 1953 released "Looney Tunes" cartoon starring Sylvester and Tweety.


Heavy snows trap Sylvester the Cat and Tweety (friends at the cartoon's beginning) alone in Granny's mountain cabin. The standard expository Mel Blanc radio report announces that the roads will be blocked for six weeks. Panicked, Sylvester looks for food in the icebox, cupboards, and closets, finding nothing but boxes and boxes of bird seed. He quickly seizes upon the idea of coaxing Tweety into being cooked, proposing sailboat play (in a stock pot) and skating (in an oil-lined skillet).

The Sylvester-chases-Tweety cycle is continually disrupted, however, by an unnamed mouse who is even hungrier and more desperate than Sylvester. The mouse seizes upon the idea of eating Sylvester, and has a great deal more luck in cooking various portions of the cat than Sylvester has in cooking Tweety.

At cartoon's end, Granny arrives with a backpack full of food--all boxes of bird seed. Tweety and Sylvester (obviously disgusted at not having cat food) are both at the table eating the bird seed in bowls. The mouse has one last attempt at Sylvester, when Tweety asks Sylvester how he liked the bird seed and the mouse bites him on the tail with Sylvester yelling and flying up in the air, Tweety says "Aw, come now, it can't be that bad."


*When this cartoon was shown on CBS, the part where the hunger-crazed mouse sticks Sylvester's tail in a toaster and Sylvester extinguishes the flames with an ashtray was cut.

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