Order of Pius IX

Order of Pius IX
Ordine di Pio IX
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Knight's cross of the Order of Pius IX
Awarded by Emblem of the Papacy SE.svg Holy See
Type Chivalric order
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Knight/Dame with the Collar
Knight/Dame Grand Cross
Knight/Dame Commander with Star
Knight/Dame Commander
Established 17 June 1847
Next (higher) Order of the Golden Spur
Next (lower) Order of St. Gregory the Great
VA Ordine Piano BAR.svg
Ribbon bar of the order

The Order of Pius IX (Italian: Ordine di Pio IX), also referred as the Pian Order (Italian: Ordine Piano), is a Papal order of knighthood founded on 17 June 1847 by Pope Pius IX.



The Order comprises five classes:

  • Knights with the Collar: who wear a gold chain decorated with Papal tiara and two doves, and on the breast a large badge. It is the highest active Papal decoration, and is reserved to heads of state.
  • Knights / Dame Grand Cross (GCPO): who wear a wide dark blue silk ribbon (sash) bordered with red which extends saltire-wise from the left shoulder to the right side where the star of the order is suspended by a rosette, and on the breast a large diamond-studded badge. It is commonly awarded to the ambassadors accredited to the Holy See.
  • Knight / Dame Commander with Star (KC*PO / DC*PO): who in addition to the star wear a badge of smaller design than that of Knights of the Great Ribbon on the breast
  • Knight / Dame Commander (KCPO / DCPO): who wear the decoration at the neck
  • Knight / Dame (KPO / DPO): who wear the star on the left breast
Pope Pius IX, founder

Insignia and uniform

The decoration is a regular octagram made of blue enamel, the spaces between the rays filled with gold flames. On the white medallion in the center the name of the founder surrounded by the words Virtuti et Merito ("Virtue and Merit") is engraved. The reverse side is the same save for the substitution of Anno 1847 for Pius IX. The rarely worn official uniform consists of an elaborately embroidered dark blue evening coat with golden epaulettes, white trousers, and a white-plumed bicorne.

Knights with the Collar wear a gold decorated chain around the neck, and a star on the left side of the breast; Knights Grand Cross wear a sash and a star on the left side of the breast; Commanders wear a cross around the neck; and Knights wear a smaller cross on the left breast of the uniform:

VA Ordine Piano BAR.svg
VA Ordine Piano BAR.svg
Knight Commander
VA Ordine Piano BAR.svg
Knight Commander with Star
VA Ordine Piano BAR.svg
Knight Grand Cross
VA Ordine Piano BAR.svg
Knight with the Collar

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