Brill (surname)

Brill is a fairly uncommon family name, most seen in the Dutch language. People with the surname Brill include:
* Abraham Brill, Austrian-born American psychiatrist and disciple of Jung
* Charlie Brill, American actor
* Debbie Brill, Canadian high-jump athlete
* Diane Brill, cosmetics merchant and manufacturer
* Dusty Brill, drummer
* E. J. Brill, founder of Brill Publishers, a Dutch publishing company based in Leiden
* Eric Brill, computer scientist
** Brill Tagger, one of Eric Brill's more notable inventions
* Fran Brill, voice actress and puppeteer best known for work on "Sesame Street"
* Hermann Brill, German politician who opposed the rise of Nazism
* J. G. Brill, founder of J. G. Brill and Company
* Jehiel Brill, Russian journalist ( [] )
* John Frederick Brill, World War II mural artist
* Ludwig Brill, co-creator with Max Noether of Brill-Noether theory, a branch of mathematics
* Paul and Mattheus Brill, 16th century Dutch landscape painters
*Peter E. Brill, New York-area criminal defense attorney
*Steven Brill (law writer), the founder of "American Lawyer" magazine, Court TV, Contentville, and "Brill's Content"
*Steven Brill (scriptwriter), actor, director, and screenwriter of films such as the "Mighty Ducks" films

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