Abraham Lipman Lichtenstein

Abraham ben Eliezer Lipman Liechtenstein was a Polish rabbi and author. He lived at the end of the eighteenth and at the beginning of the nineteenth century. He was the grandson of Rabbi Kalman of Byelostok. He was rabbi and preacher at Prassnysz, in the region of Plotzk, Poland.

Lichtstein was the author of "Kanfe Nesharim," a commentary on the Pentateuch in several parts, each having a separate name, viz.: "Kiryat Sefer," an introduction to each book of the Pentateuch; "To'aliyyot ha-Ralbag," treating of the doctrines deduced by Levi b. Gershon from passages of the Torah; "Abach Soferim," miscellanea; "Machazeh Abraham," consisting of sermons on each section of the Torah; "Ner Mitzvah," treating of the number of the precepts according to Maimonides; "Shiyyure Miẓwah," treating of the additional precepts according to Nachmanides, Moses b. Jacob of Coucy, and Isaac of Corbeil; "Milchemet Mitzvah," on the disputes among various authorities concerning the numbering of the precepts by Maimonides; "Torat ha-Ḳorbanot," on the Levitical laws of offerings and on the order of the high priest's service in the sanctuary on the Day of Atonement; and "Sha'are Tziyyon," orations on theological subjects. The whole work was published together with the text of the Pentateuch, Josefow, 1829, and republished without the text, Wilna, 1894. Lichtstein was the author also of a commentary on the "Sefer ha-Tappuach" which was published together with the text in the Grodno edition of 1799.


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