Rah-rah skirt

The rah-rah (or ra-ra) skirt was a short flounced skirt that became popular in about 1982 and remained fashionable, mostly among teenage girls, for several years. It was derived from the skirts worn by cheer-leaders at American sporting and other events and, as the "Oxford Dictionary" noted, was the first successful attempt to revive the mini-skirt that had been introduced in the mid 1960s ["New Words", 1991] . Later in the 1980s it was often worn with leather, denim or lace [See, for example, "Daily Telegraph", 19 March 1991] .

In the 1990s the mini came back into fashion in its own right, largely discarding the frills of the rah-rah. However, the latter did return again in Britain in 2008: "Eighties look is all the ra-rave" ["London Lite", 12 June 2008]

Examples of the rah-rah were to be seen on the covers of gramophone records or compact discs such as "99 Red Balloons" by Nena (1983) and "Since Yesterday" by Strawberry Switchblade (1984).


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