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AUX Manir Slobodan Sajin is a contemporary art group from Serbia. Established in 1982 by two historian of art, Slobodan Šajin(1952) and Momčilo Rajin(1954) with a name Aux Maniere.In the early beginnings of art activity (1975), both artists participated in Serbian conceptual art group Group 143. Slobodan Šajin also participated in Autopsia group(1980).In the early 80's (1980 - 1982) Slobodan Šajin worked on silk-screen printings and developed a unique art graphic (print) monotyping technique called "REPRINT" (REcycle PRINT). That technique became the base of the artworks which [ Aux Maniere] made in the next several years.After [ Momčilo Rajin] decided to leave (1986), Aux Maniere became one man group - Slobodan Šajin.Since 1986 till 1990 Aux Maniere produced a few collections of geometry abstract art paintings. This paintings were characteristic of that period.

1991. Civil war in the former Yugoslavia. Slobodan Šajin was engaged in commercial arts.

After fall of Milošević's regime in Serbia (2000), Slobodan Šajin started in again with fine arts making. In 2002 he promoted a new art brand, trash brand AUX MANIR, which became a newname of the art group instead of the old one.In the past five years Slobodan Šajin exhibited in his house garden, place named Plain air gallery.

Significant exhibitions

1982 -1985 Aux Maniere designed record covers for few famous Serbian rock groups such as U škripcu, Laki pingvini.

1983. Media Transformations

[ Museum of Contemporary Art] , Belgrade, Serbia

1984. Fin de siecle

[ Happy Gallery SKC, Belgrade, Serbia]

1985. Fin the siecle -This is today

[ City of Zagreb Galleries] , Zagreb, Croatia

1985. I gioielli della lirica

Happy Gallery SKC, Belgrade, Serbia

1985. Suspicious mindsLandsMuseum, Ruma, Serbia

1986. Armagedon - Bridges 86

[ Pavilion "Cvijeta Zuzorić"] ,Belgrade, Serbia

Aux Maniere, Verbumprogram, Alter Imago, Raša Todosijević, [ Miško Šuvakovic] , Fedja Klikovac, Dušan Otašević , Halil Tikveša, Era Milivojević, Dragoslav Krnajski, [ Goran Djordjević]

1986. Interstellar signalization

Hotel lobby, Ruma, Serbia

1987. Groups in Yougoslav art of 80's

Gallery Meander, Apatin, Serbia


1988. Simulacrum

Mail Art. Small paintings,reprints and flyers. Art works-gifts randomly delivered.

1989. The need for pictureContemporary Gallery, Pancevo, Serbia

Aux Maniere, Autopsia, Verbumprogram, Laslo Kerekeš, Sombati Balint, [ Dragomir Ugren] , Varga Somodji Tibor, Rada Čupić, Jozef Ač, Milan Konjovic ...

1990. Rosenzwei Collection

Gallery ESC. Belgrade, Serbia

Alter Imago, Aux Maniere, Autopsia, Verbumprogram, [ Marcus Geiger] , Franz West, [ Raša Todosijević] , Apostolović, Klikovac, Susnik, Salamun, Slak, Schubert, Jurić.

1990. Materialita: Ground of geometry

Gallery ULUS, 31. [ October Art salon] , Belgrade, Serbia

Aux Maniere, Sandro Djukić, Marcus Geiger, Dusan Jurić, Fedja Klikovac, Marjetica Potrc , Edita Schubert, Raša Todosijević, Verbumprogram, [ Franz West] , [ Heimo Zobernig] , Alter Imago, [ Willi Kopf]

1990. Aux Maniere works

Landsmuseum, Ruma, Serbia

1991. Four Yougoslav art groups

Advertising booklet. Landsmuseum, Ruma, SerbiaAlter Imago, Autopsia, Aux Maniere, Verbumprogram

1992. U Maniru - Mini retrospective

[ Museum of Kinoteka] , Belgrade, Serbia

2002. Miscellaneous works

Plain air gallery, Ruma, Serbia

2003. Pictures for bedroom

Plain air gallery, Ruma, Serbia

2005. Centaur pictures - Cyber incrustatio

Plain air gallery, Ruma, Serbia

Documents Online document: Lidija Merenik [ Art at the end of the century ]

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