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editor = Harold C. Sox
discipline =Internal Medicine
language =English
abbreviation =Ann Intern Med
publisher =American College of Physicians
country =U.S.A
frequency =24 per year
history =founded 1927
openaccess =after 6 months

impact = 14.8
impact-year = 2006

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LCCN =43032966
OCLC =1481385
ISSN =0003-4819
eISSN =1539-3704

"Annals of Internal Medicine" ("Ann Intern Med") is an academic medical journal published by the American College of Physicians (ACP). It publishes research articles and reviews in the area of internal medicine. Its current editor is Harold C. Sox.

"Annals of Internal Medicine" had a 2007 impact factor of 14.8, [cite web
title=2007 Impact Factors for leading medical and science journals
] which makes it among the most-cited of general clinical medical journals, only exceeded by "JAMA", "The Lancet" and "New England Journal of Medicine". In 2005, "Annals"' circulation approximated 90,000.citation needed


Founded in 1927, "Annals of Internal Medicine" has been published twice monthly since 1988. Former Editor-in-Chief, Edward Huth, has published details of the journal's history.cite journal |author=Huth EJ, Van Steenburgh KC |title=Annals of Internal Medicine: the first 50 years |journal=Ann. Intern. Med. |volume=87 |issue=1 |pages=103–10 |year=1977 |pmid=327884 |doi=] cite journal |author=Huth EJ, Case K |title=Annals of Internal Medicine at age 75: reflections on the past 25 years |journal=Ann. Intern. Med. |volume=137 |issue=1 |pages=34–45 |year=2002 |pmid=12093243 |doi=|url=] Medical publishing innovations by the journal include:

1987: Proposal for structured abstracts published in the April issue; first structured abstracts published.

1994: Research on the effects of peer review.cite journal |author=Goodman SN, Berlin J, Fletcher SW, Fletcher RH |title=Manuscript quality before and after peer review and editing at Annals of Internal Medicine |journal=Ann. Intern. Med. |volume=121 |issue=1 |pages=11–21 |year=1994 |pmid=8198342 |doi=|url=] cite journal |author=Justice AC, Berlin JA, Fletcher SW, Fletcher RH, Goodman SN |title=Do readers and peer reviewers agree on manuscript quality? |journal=JAMA |volume=272 |issue=2 |pages=117–9 |year=1994 |pmid=8015119 |doi=] cite journal |author=Roberts JC, Fletcher RH, Fletcher SW |title=Effects of peer review and editing on the readability of articles published in Annals of Internal Medicine |journal=JAMA |volume=272 |issue=2 |pages=119–21 |year=1994 |pmid=8015120 |doi=]

1997: Guidelines for the use of Bayesian interpretation of significance testing included in information for authors.

1999: Summaries for patients introduced for original research articles.

2003: Editors' notes introduced to summarize the articles' findings, implications, and limitations.

2004: Limitations section added to standard structured abstracts.

Online availability

An archive of issues from 1993 is available at the journal's website in text and PDF (from 1999) formats. Material over six months old is freely accessible, and access to all papers is also provided free of charge to developing countries.

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