Payalvar was one of the twelve Alvars and was a Hindu saint. He belonged to the Vaishnavite (worshiper of Vishnu) faith.

Payalvar was born in Tirumayilai (Mylapore, now part of he city of Chennai om the seventh century CE. Vaishnavite traditions states that Peyalvar was found on a lily flower in the pond of the Adi Kesava Perumal Temple in Mylapore. They also believe that he was an incarnation of the sacred sword of Vishnu, Nandaki. Payalvar's 100 hymns in the Naalayira Divyap Prabhandham are the third 100 and start with the words "Tiruk Kanden, Pon Meni Kanden" ('I found the glorious, golden form of the Lord').

"Tiruk Kanden Pon Meni Kanden- Thigazhum "
"Arukkan Ani Niramum Kanden-Seruk Kilarum "
"Pon Aazhi Kanden Puri Sangam Kai Kanden "
"En Aazhi Vannan Paal Inru."

"On witnessing the glorious vision in which the entire universe was the very body of Lord Narayana, the Alwar proceeds to describe all that he had seen."

Peyalvar's hymns are of the "Anthathi" style, in which the last word of the previous hymn is used as the first work in the next hymn.

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