Drip may refer to:

  • Dripping liquid
  • Intravenous drip, in health and medicine
  • Murphy drip, in proctoclysis
  • Drip gas, natural gas condensate
  • Drip irrigation, in agriculture and gardening
  • Drip painting, an art style of dripping paint across a canvas
  • Drip email (campaign), the process of automatically sending planned, scheduled emails to contacts or prospects
  • Drip, an old-fashioned mild pejorative for someone exceptionally eccentric or lacking in social skills
  • Post-nasal drip, excessive mucus produced by the sinuses
  • Fluid descending from the nose cavity into the throat, for example after cocaine insufflation
  • Lithospheric drip, in geology


  • Drip, the sin of Lust, a character in Jack (webcomic)
  • Drip (band), a Filipino trip hop band
  • "Drips", a song by Eminem and Obie Trice from the album The Eminem Show
  • The Drips, an American punk band
  • "Drip" a TV ident for BBC Two used in the 2001-2007 ident series (BBC Two 'Personality' idents)

DRIP may refer to:

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  • Drip brew, a coffee brewing method
  • Drip dickey, a wine accessory
  • Drip line (disambiguation)
  • Drip pan, in an oven
  • Dripetrua
  • Dripping Springs (disambiguation)
  • Dripsey
  • Dripstick
  • Dripstone (disambiguation)
  • Driptorch, a tool used in firefighting and forestry
  • Drop (disambiguation)
  • Leak

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