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Average Frustrated Chump, often abbreviated "AFC," is seduction community jargon for a heterosexual male who is unsuccessful at finding sexual or romantic relationships with women.cite news |title=He Aims! He Shoots! Yes!!| author=Strauss, Neil |date=2004-01-25 |url=http://www.shorttext.com/9z7mj |publisher=New York Times] This person seeks attraction and longingly desires intimacy, but only finds cordial friendship and platonic love with women. The term AFC is pejorative, and is attributed to NLP teacher Ross Jeffries.

In "", Neil Strauss defines an "AFC" as: "a stereotypical nice guy who has no pickup skills or understanding of what attracts women; a man who tends to engage in supplicative and wimpy patterns of behavior around women he has not yet slept with." [Strauss, Neil, , ISBN 0-06-055473-8, p. 439]

The moderated alt.seduction.fast forum's definition also equates an AFC with a "nice guy". He is:


In the seduction community, "supplication" is considered to be a common feature of the behavior of Average Frustrated Chumps. Strauss says supplication means "to put oneself in a servile or inferior position in order to please a woman, such as buying her a drink or changing an opinion in order to agree with her." [Strauss, Neil(2005) p. 447] The [http://www2.nysun.com/article/65300 New York Sun] uses the term to describe Steve Carrell's role in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin".

Supporters of the seduction community say that women are generally not attracted to AFCs, and see them as "just friends", or just treat them as 'big sisters'. According to the moderated alt.seduction.fast forum, an AFC hears 'Let's Just Be Friends' from almost every girl he dates. [http://www.fastseduction.com/youarenew/9levels.shtml The Nine Levels of PU and Seduction Mastery] ] Strauss claims that women give men this speech, often abbreviated "LJBF", to show a lack of romantic or sexual interest." [Strauss, Neil(2005), p. 443]

Supporters also claim that AFCs suffer from "one-itis," i.e. obsessive crushes. Strauss writes that "one-itis" is an "obsession with a girl whom one is not dating," and that "pickup artists believe that such an extreme fixation on one woman significantly lowers a man's chances of dating or sleeping with her." [Strauss, Neil(2005), p. 444]

"Below" Average Frustrated Chumps"

The seduction community speaks of "Way Below Average Frustrated Chump" or "Below Average Frustrated Chump," ("WBAFC" and "BAFC," respectively), as males who are severely frustrated by romantic interaction. Strauss describes a "WBAFC" as "a man who is extremely unsuccessful with women, usually due to awkwardness, nervousness, and lack of experience." [Strauss, Neil(2005), p. 448] Qualities that are attributed to these men include sexual repression, being a virgin, having never kissed a woman, and having multiple crushes on women they have never spoken to, and believing in the vision of romantic love presented by Hollywood movies.

"Recovering" Average Frustrated Chumps"

The seduction community advises men who it labels AFCs to admit that they are AFCs: "You see, you can't just go from being an AFC to PUA (Pick-up Artist) without a certain understanding. You have to first admit to yourself that you're an AFC and get into recovery mode, becoming an RAFC (Recovering AFC)." [ [http://www.fastseduction.com/asf-faq.shtml#q001 alt.seduction.fast FAQ] ] Once a man has admitted to being an AFC, he is advised to commit to changing, at which point he becomes a "Recovering/Reformed Average Frustrated Chump" (RAFC), "a seduction student who has not yet become a pickup artist or mastered the skills offered by the community" [Strauss, Neil, , ISBN 0-06-055473-8, p. 445]

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*The News Tribune's article, [http://www.thenewstribune.com/ae/books/story/5242173p-4760603c.html"From chump to champ A lounge lizard reveals his secrets of wooing women. You, too, can transform from an AFC (average frustrated chump) to a MPUA (master pickup artist)".]

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