"Fly!" is a flight simulator for PC and Apple Macintosh computers developed by Terminal Reality and published by Gathering of Developers. It included simulation of air traffic control features as well as aircraft's on-board systems, and was acclaimed for its highly detailed fully-working interactive cockpits. Featured aircraft were exclusively fixed-wing light to medium aircraft. It was succeeded by "Fly! 2k", which included InfoMETAR (created by David Sandberg) and Sky! Special Edition (created by [ How in the World?] ). The sequel, "Fly! II", was released in 2000 and featured a helicopter.

'Fly!' was also the subject of a Real Life comic, in which Greg and Dave's plane crashes due to an ICQ pop-up window.

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* [ Fly! Official Site]
* [ Terminal Reality]
* [ Gathering of Developers]
* [ How in the World?] - Created the Sky! program included with Fly! 2k, as well as the land textures used for overall scenery in Fly! II.
*moby game|id=/fly|name="Fly!"

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