Geological Survey of Canada

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agency_name = Geological Survey of Canada
nativename = Commission Géologique du Canada
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formed = 1842
jurisdiction = Government of Canada
headquarters = Ottawa, Ontario
employees = 600
budget = CAD $70 million
minister1_name = Gary Lunn
minister1_pfo = Minister of Natural Resources
chief1_name = Dr. David Boerner
chief1_position = Director General
website =
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The Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) ( _fr. Commission Géologique du Canada (CGC)) is part of the Earth Sciences Sector of Natural Resources Canada. GSC is responsible for performing geologic surveys of the country, developing Canada's natural resources and protecting the environment. The GSC is the country's oldest scientific agency and one of its first government organizations.


In September 1841, the Province of Canada legislature passed a resolution that authorized the sum of 1,500 sterling be granted to the monarchy for the estimated expense of performing a geological survey of the province. In 1842, the Geological Survey of Canada was formed to fulfill this request. William Edmond Logan was in Montreal at the time and made it known that he was interested in participating in this survey. Gaining recommendations from prominent English scientists, Logan was appointed the first GSC director on April 14, 1842. Four months later, Logan arrived in Kingston, Ontario to compile the existing body of knowledge of Canada's geology. In the spring of 1843, Logan established the GSC's headquarters in Montreal. One of the prominent cartographers and the chief topographical draughtsman was Robert Barlow who began his work in 1855.


* "Reading the Rocks - The Story of the Geological Survey of Canada 1842-1972". Morris Zaslow. 1975. The Macmillan Company of Canada Ltd. Toronto, Ontario. ISBN 0-7705-1303-4.

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* [ Official GSC Website]
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