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Siobhan (band)

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Siòbhan was a six-piece Celtic punk band, formed in Ottawa and made up mostly of members who attended Carleton University together. The band toured throughout Eastern Ontario and even played shows in Atlantic Canada (including St. John's' famed George Street) and twice toured Germany and Western Europe. The band was best known for loud, punk-style live shows and their obscenity-laced tirades at the audience between sets. They also boasted a Spinal Tap-like rotation of drummers. Their stage names made little sense but endeared them to many fans.


*Nick "Ol' Jimmy" Smyth – Vocals, Guitar
*James "Ghostfaced Fiddlah" Beninger – Fiddle
*Joe "Cocochunk" Boughner – Bass, Backing Vocals
*David "Dave" Telka – Accordion
*Ben "Bouzouki Joe" Young – Bouzouki, Mandolin, backing vocals (2000-2003)
*Michael "Beardo" Munnik – Bouzouki, backing vocals
*Mike "Nicky the Sticks" Clark; – drums (2001-2002)
*Jay "JP Ironwood" Salburg – drums (2002-2004)
*Jasen "Señor 9.5" Colson – drums (2004-2005)


*McGravy's Iron Liver (EP) (2002)
*Patron Saints of Debauchery (2003)
*Welfare State (2005)

External links

* [http://www.siobhan.ca Official Website]

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