Gad can refer to:

*Gad (deity), the pan-Semitic deity of fortune worshipped during the Babylonian captivity
*An abbreviation for the chemical element Gadolinium, or its oxide Gadolinia
*The word "Gad" replaces "God" in many of The Far Side comic strips by Gary Larson
*The Marathi word for fort, occurring in the names of many forts in Maharashtra
*"Gad Guard", a Japanese animated series

*Gad, West Virginia, a former town flooded in the construction of Summersville Lake
*Northeast Alabama Regional Airport in Gadsden, Alabama (IATA airport code)

In the Bible:
*Tribe of Gad, a tribe of the ancient Kingdom of Israel
*Gad (Biblical figure), the founder of the tribe of Gad and seventh son of Jacob
*Gad (Bible prophet), King David's seer or prophet

The acronym GAD may refer to:
*Gatsbys American Dream, an indie rock band from Seattle, Washington
*Gender and Development, a theoretical perspective on the role of women in development that emerged in the 1980s
*Generalized anxiety disorder, an anxiety disorder characterized by uncontrollable worry about everyday things
*Glycoazodyes, a "naturalised" textile dye
*Glutamic acid decarboxylase, an enzyme necessary for the synthesis of the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid
*Government Actuary's Department, a department of the British Government responsible for providing actuarial advice
*Grey Area Diagnosis, an activity to identify the cause(s) of an incident, in order to focus investigative activities as efficiently as possible
*Group Account Director, a job title in creative agencies

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