Rudolph of Burgundy

Rudolph of Burgundy may refer to:

*Rudolph, Duke of Burgundy (French, "Raoul"; also sometimes referred to as "Ralph"), Duke of Burgundy from 921 and King of West Francia from 923 to 936

*Rudolph I, King of Burgundy, elected in 888 after the death of Charles the Fat. He died in 912
*Rudolph II, King of Burgundy, son of Rudolph I, and ruled (Upper) Burgundy from 912 to 937. He was also elected as King of Italy in 922, although he never managed to establish his claim in practice, and became King of Provence (sometimes referred to as Lower or Cisjurane Burgundy) in 933 in return for withdrawing his claim to Italy in favour of Hugh of Arles
*Rudolph III, King of Burgundy, the grandson of Rudolph II, ruled from 993 until his death in 1032

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