Parachute (disambiguation)

Parachute may refer to:
*Parachute, a fabric device to slow descent through the air
*Parachute, Colorado, USA, a town
*"Parachute" (album), an album by the band Guster
*"Parachute" (1970 album), a 1970 album by The Pretty Things
*"Parachutes" (album), an album by the band Coldplay
*"Parachute", a song by Something Happens (band)
*Parachute (balloon)
*Parachute (drugs), a method of ingesting psychoactive drugs
*Parachute candidate or carpetbagger
*Parachute flare
*Parachute journalism
*Parachute music festival, a contemporary Christian music festival in New Zealand
*Parachute pants
*Parachute (video game), an Atari 2600 game released by Homevision
*Parachute (BDSM), a sex toy
*Parachute (iPod game)
*"The Parachute", a book by Sinclair Dumontais

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