Kisi (Tanzania)

The Kisi are an ethnic and linguistic group based in southern Tanzania, on the northwestern shore of Lake Malawi. In 2001 the Kisi population was estimated to number 18,000, of whom 10,200 spoke the Kisi language. They began using the Nyakyusa language as a second language only in 1900.

The Wakisi are a very small inoffensive group along the east coast of Lake Malawi, arguably related to the Nyakkyusa. Merensky sees them as quite harmless. The Kisi women of the Lake Nyasa lakeshore bartered home made pots house to house while the equally famous Kisi fishermen exchanged these same pots far inland and their fish catch, which also included the hippopotomus; for cattle from the Sangu, and were well known for their ability with the canoe and transporting people across Lake Nyassa.

It is unknown if the building of the German steamer [Herman von Wissmann] disrupted the Kisi system of transporting across the Lake.


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