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date=28 April 1948 - 30 April 1948

Al-Khayriyya ( _ar. الخيْريّة) was a Palestinian village located 7.5 kilometers east of Jaffa. Its inhabitants fled as a result of a military assault by the Alexandroni Brigade of the pre-state Israeli forces in the lead up to the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.Morris, 2004, p. 217.]

At the time of Assyrian rule in Palestine, al-Khayriyya was known as "Banai Berka" and during Roman rule, it was known as by "Beneberak".cite web|title=Welcome to al-Khayriyya|publisher=Palestine Remembered|accessdate=2007-12-04|url=] Arab villagers had called it "Ibn Ibraq", preserving the ancient name.Freedman, 2000, p. 165.] Cancik et al., 1996, p. 484.] At the time of the British Mandate in Palestine however, the villagers changed the name of the village to al-Khayriyya to distinguish it from the new neighbouring Jewish village of Bene Beraq.

The suburbs of modern-day Giv'atayim stretch into the former lands of the village of al-Khayriyya.

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