Alaska (disambiguation)

Alaska (disambiguation)

Alaska is a state in the United States of America. Alaska may also mean:


* Alaska Current (Pacific Ocean), a warm-water eddie current
* Alaska Highway (Canada, United States)
* Alaska, Michigan (United States), an unincorporated area in Caledonia Township, Kent County, Michigan,
* Alaska Peninsula (United States)
* Alaska Range (Canada, United States), a mountain range
* Alaska Standard Time Zone, a geographic region that keeps time by subtracting nine hours from Coordinated Universal Time
* Alaska Territory (United States), historical name for Alaska prior to statehood, from 1912 to 1959
* Alaska Township, Minnesota (United States)

Movies and short films

* "Alaska" (2003 film), a Canadian television movie
* "Alaska" (1997 film), an Irish movie
* "Alaska" (film), a 1996 American film directed by Fraser Clarke Heston
* "Alaska" (1989 film), a Dutch short film
* "Alaska" (1968 film), a West German short film
* "Alaska" (1944 film)
* "Alaska" (1930 film), a short film

Musicians, musical groups and works

* Alaska!, an American indie rock band:* "Alaska" (album), an album by Alaska!
* Alaska (band), a British melancholic rock band
* Alaska (Quebec band), a Canadian ska band
* Alaska (singer) (born 1963), female Spanish singer
* "Alaska" (Between the Buried and Me album), a 2005 album by Between the Buried and Me
* Alaska (the Band), a Swiss ska band

Other meanings

* "Alaska" magazine, published in and about the state
* "Alaska" (novel), a 1988 novel by James A. Michener
* Alaska Airlines, an American airline serving points in North America
* Alaska Day, October 18
* Alaska Railroad, a Class II railroad
* Baked Alaska, an ice cream dessert
* USS "Alaska", a name shared by several ships of the United States Navy
* The Alaska Aces, an ice hockey team
* The Alaska Aces (PBA), a professional basketball team
* "Alaska" (1875), a pamphlet from 1875 about the possibility of founding an Icelandic colony
* Alaska Young, a character in the book Looking for Alaska by John Green
* Baked Alaska

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