Topic outline of industry

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Industry is the overall application of technology and other resources to the generation of economic output by producing goods and services. An industry is any grouping of businesses that share a common method of generating profits, such as the "construction industry". The term is also often used to refer to heavy industry.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to industry:

Essence of industry

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* Business
* Cottage industry
* Heavy industry
* Light industry
* Manufacturing

Industry sectors

: "See also: industrial sector"

* Primary sector of industry (the raw materials industry)
* Secondary sector of industry (manufacturing and construction)
* Tertiary sector of industry (the "service industry")
* Quaternary sector of industry (intellectual services industry)

Major industries

: "See also: Global Industry Classification Standard and Standard Industrial Classification"

* Aerospace industry
* Agriculture "(see also Agribusiness)"
** Fishing industry
** Timber industry
** Tobacco industry
* Automobiles
* Chemical industry
** Pharmaceutical industry
* Computer industry
** Software industry
* Construction industry
* Defense industry
* Energy industry
** Electrical power industry
** Petroleum industry
* Entertainment industry
* Food industry
* Health care industry
* Hospitality industry
* Information industry
* Insurance industry
* Manufacturing
** Arms industry
** Automotive industry
** Pulp and paper industry
** Steel industry
** Toy industry
* Mass media
** Broadcasting
** Film industry
** Internet
** Music industry
** News media
** Publishing
* Telecommunications industry
* Water industry

History of industry

: "Main article: Industrial Revolution"

* Second industrial revolution

Basic industrial concepts

* Air pollution
* Business
* Big Business
* Colin Clark's Sector Model
* Cultural industry
* Culture industry
* Economy of scale
* Externality
* Global Industry Classification Standard
* Industrial action
* Industrial Age
* Industrial and organizational psychology
* Industrial applicability (in patent law)
* Industrial archaeology
* Industrial coating
* Industrial data processing
* Industrial deconcentration
* Industrial democracy
* Industrial design
* Industrial design rights
* Industrial disasters
* Industrial district
* Industrial ecology
* Industrial engineering
* Industrial espionage
* Industrial gas
* Industrial injury
* Industrial minerals
* Industrial noise
* Industrial organization
* Industrial park
* Industrial policy
* Industrial process
* Industrial railway
* Industrial society
** Post-industrial society
** Pre-industrial society
* Industrial sociology
* Industrial Production Index
* Industrial tribunal
* Industrial unionism
* Industrial unrest
* Industrial waste
* Industrialization
* Industrialist
* Industry
* Industry analyst
* Industry lifecycle
* Industry or market research
* Industry Structure Model
* Industry trade group
* Leisure industry
* Manufacturing
* Market research
* Mass production
* Materials science
* Pricing
* Primary sector of industry
* Quaternary sector of industry
* Raw material
* Robber baron (industrialist)
* Secondary sector of industry
* Seven Wonders of the Industrial World
* Standard Industrial Classification
* Tertiary sector of industry
* Tooling

Industry-related lists

: "Main article: List of industry topics"

* List of countries by industrial output
* List of industrial parks by size

See also

* Capitalism
* Economics

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