An agent is either:
* an entity who is capable of action
* someone (or something) who acts on behalf of another person.

In law

* Agent (law): a person authorised to act on behalf of another person
** Patent agent, or patent attorney, a professional who represents and advises another in the assessment, securing and maintaining of intellectual property rights, with particular reference to patent rights.
** Tuition agent, a person who represents a tuition agency in searching for suitable tutors for students.
** Literary agent, a person who represents a writer
** Theatrical agent
** Booking agent
** Sports agent, a professional who represents an athlete
** Talent agent, a person who finds jobs for actors, models, and other people in various entertainment businesses.
** Press agent, publicist who acts on behalf of a client on all matters involving public relations
** Foreign agent, someone registered with the U.S. Justice Department as mandated by the Foreign Agents Registration Act
** Travel agent, makes vacation and travel arrangements
** Real estate broker, or real estate agent
** Yacht broker, or yacht agent
** Yacht charter broker, or yacht charter agent

In espionage and law enforcement

* Secret agent, a spy
* Double agent, in spying
* Special agent, generally, a federal criminal or non-criminal investigator or detective.
* Agent provocateur, a person assigned to provoke unrest, violence, debate, or argument by or within a group while acting as a member of the group but covertly representing the interests of another

In economics

* Agent (economics)
* Homo economicus
* Rational agent
* Agent-Based Computational Economics
* Representative agent

In chemistry and warfare:

* Agent Orange, a herbicide
* Biological agent, an infectious disease that can be used in biological warfare
* Chemical warfare agent, classified by their effect and include:
** Nerve agent
** Blister agent
** Blood agent
** Pulmonary agent
** Incapacitating agent
** Riot control agent.

In linguistics

* Agent (grammar), one of the thematic roles: the participant of a situation that carries out an action. Replaces "subject" in placement typology.
* Agent noun (or "nomen agentis"), one of the derivatemes (a topic from linguistic morphology)

In computer science

* Software agent, software that acts on behalf of a user
** Forté Agent, a newsreader and email client
** User agent, a client application used with a particular network protocol
* Intelligent agent
** In artificial intelligence an intelligent agent is any entity that is capable of perceiving its environment and carrying out goal-directed action (also sometimes called a rational agent).
** In computer science, an intelligent agent is a software agent that displays some intelligence.

In fiction

* "Agent 212", a Belgian comic
* Agents, characters in "The Matrix"
* "The Agent (film)", a 1922 film
* "Secret Agent (1936 film)", a 1936 film
* The Agents, superhuman characters in "Seven Samurai 20XX"
* Agent 47, a character from the computer game series "Hitman"
*Agents, rouge killers from the novel T.O.M. tom

In finance

* Agent, a financial institution acting as the operational intermediary in a syndicated loan between the syndicate banks and the borrower. The most common form is the "Administrative Agent".

In popular culture

* Polish version of The Mole.


* Election agent, a person responsible for a candidate's campaign
* Free agent, a sports player who is out of contract
* Rational agent deliberate being

ee also

* Agent architecture
* Agent based model
* Robot
* bot
* personoid

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