Tenida (Bengali টেনিদা) or Teni (see Tenida for "da") is a fictional native of Potoldanga in Calcutta, who appears in a number of short stories and larger works of the Bengali author Narayan Gangopadhyay. The leader of a group of four young lads who lived in the neighbourhood of Potoldanga, Tenida was depicted as the local big-mouthed airhead with a heart of gold, who, although not blessed with academic capabilities, was admired and respected by the rest of the three for his presence of mind, courage, honesty as well as his vociferous appetite. Descriptions of Tenida's nose also make frequent appearances in the text, being described as "a large nose resembling Mount Mainak". The narrator of the stories is Pyalaram, who seemed to share his leaders frailty in academic exertions. The other two characters who formed an integral part of the quartet were Habul Sen, who spoke with strong East Bengali accent (Dhakai) and Kyabla- the cleverest amongst the four.

The stories of Tenida and his gang were usually one of comedy-adventure where the gang goes through a lot of pain- and humiliation- to solve a mystery which were mostly of comical solutions. The short stories were extensively based in Calcutta and it's suburbs, while some of the larger stories took the group to the Bengal countryside, and at times further away.

It is said that Narayan Gangopadhyay created the character of Tenida on his landlord (who had the same name) - with whom he was a very good friend.

Main Characters in the Tenida Universe


The suffix "da" used after his actual nickname "Teni" is short for "dada" (elder brother) which is used to initiate conversations with an elderly male stranger in colloquial Bengali. The short hand, used after a person's name is a mark of respect and acknowledgment of seniority. Tenida's real name is Bhojohori Mukherji. He is an indigent Bengali Brahmin.


Pyalaram, the narrator of the stories, wrote from the point of view of the writer himself. He was a timid member and suffered from a chronic stomach ailment. His unfavorite food items appear to be "potol diye singhi maacher jhol" (fish curry) and "bashok patar rosh" (the juice of the malabar nut leaf). Pyalaram followed in his Tenida's footsteps, having repeated his final year in school for two years before passing matriculation with the rest of the gang. Pyala's real name is Kamalesh Banerji. These names are listed, among other stories in the short novella in "Tenidar Abhijan" entitled "Charmurtir Abhijan". Like Tenida, he is also a Bengali Brahmin.


Kushal Mitra- Kyabla. Kyabla is supposedly the most intelligent, smart and brave among them. Clever and the top among his classmates, this handsome and dapper young man is the backbone of this group. Tenida always looks up to Kyabla for finding solutions to tricky situations. Kyabla has solved all the mysteries in all the adventures that they have been to. He is the integral part of Tenida's gang. Ironically and laced with a touch of humor, the word "Kyabla" in bengali literally means "stupid". He is a Bengali Kayastha by caste.

Habul Sen

Habul Sen's family hailed from East Bengal, a fact that is blatantly obvious by his strong "Bangal" accent characteristic of people from Eastern Bengal. Habul's parents probably lived in Bikrampur in what is now Bangladesh before moving to Calcutta. Habul Sen stands out in having an independent character - he is timid but not as much as Pyalaram. He is also a very odd student unlike Tenida and Pyalaram. Habul's real name is Swarnendu.

Works in which Tenida makes an appearance


#Char Murtir Obhijan
#Kombol Niruddesh
#Tenida Aar Sindhughotok
#Jhau-bungalor Rahasyo

hort stories

# Dadhichi, Poka, O Bishwakarma
# Khottango O Polanno
# Matsyo-Puran
# Peshawar Ki Aamir
# Kaak Kahini
# Cricket Maane Jhijhi
# Porer Upokaar Korio Na
# Chengiz Aar Hamlin-Er Banshiwala
# Dhaus
# Nidarun Protishodh
# Tottwabodhan Maane Jeebe Prem
# Doshanoncharit
# The Great Chhantai
# Camouflage
# Kuttimamar Haater Kaaj
# Shanghatik
# Bon-Bhojoner Byapar
# Kuttimamar Donto-Kahini
# Probhatshongeet
# Bhajahari Film Corporation
# Chamchike Aar Ticket Checker
# Brahmhobikasher Dontobikash
# Tiktikir Lyaj
# Bearing Chaant
# Kankrabiche
# Honolulu-R Makuda
# Haalkhaataar Khaowadaowa
# Ghunteparar Shei Match
# Tenida Aar Yeiti
# Ekadoshir Ranchi Jaowa
# Nyangcha-Dar Hahakar
# Bhajagourango Katha
# Ekti Football Match

One-Act Play

# Porer Upokaar Korio Na

Essays About Tenida

# Kichu Kotha: Boi Niye, Tenidake Niye
# Potoldangar Shei Tenidar Boyosh Ekhon Ponchattor


# Shomogro Kishore Sahitya
# Tenida Samagra


# Charmurti

This story is about the adventures of Tenida and Co. when they go for an outing near Ranchi and happens to encounter a gang involved in making counterfeit bank-notes.

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