Bread bowl

A bread bowl is a round loaf of bread which has had a large portion of the middle cut out to create an edible bowl. Bread bowls can be used to serve chili, New England-style clam chowder, and other thick stews (often, but not always, with a cheese or cream base). Soups with thinner bases are not generally served in bread bowls, as the broth would make the bread get too soggy too quickly. The bread becomes flavored as it absorbs some of the stew's base, and can be eaten after the stew has been eaten. Bread bowl fare can be found at some restaurants, such as the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons, Hearth 'n Kettle, Quizno's, Panera Bread and Renaissance Faire. It is also good to use for dips, using the scooped out bread for dipping.

Bread bowls are little known in the United Kingdom; in 2008 "The Daily Telegraph" reported that a company in Birmingham was making a naan bread version. [cite news|date=January 7, 2008 |title=I'll have the soup. And the bowl, please |url= |first=Harry |last=Wallop |publisher="The Daily Telegraph"|accessdate=2008-09-29]

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