HMS Bacchante

HMS Bacchante

Six ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS "Bacchante", the name for a priestess of the Roman god Bacchus, whilst another was ordered but later cancelled:

*HMS "Bacchante" - 20 gun French sixth rate, captured by HMS "Endymion" in 1803. Sold in 1809.
*HMS "Bacchante" - 38 gun fifth rate launched in 1811 at Deptford. She was converted to harbour service in 1837 and scrapped in 1858.
*HMS "Bacchante" - a wood screw frigate ordered from Portsmouth Dockyard in 1849 but cancelled in 1851.
*HMS "Bacchante" - a wood screw frigate launched in 1859 at Portsmouth Dockyard. She was broken up in 1869.
*HMS "Bacchante" - "Bacchante" class corvette launched 19th October 1876, sold 1897 []
*HMS "Bacchante" - "Cressy"-class armoured cruiser launched in 1901 and sold for scrap in 1920.
*HMS "Bacchante" - "Leander"-class frigate launched in 1968 and sold to New Zealand in 1982.

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