List of translators

This is primarily a list of notable Western translators. Large sublists have been split off to separate articles.


By text

By target language

Into Arabic

Into Azerbaijani (Azeri)

  • Hamlet Isaxanli (Isayev) - translator of poems from Russian, English and French

Into Bulgarian

Into Chinese

  • Wang Chong

Into English

Into French

  • Geneviève Maury - translated Thomas Mann from the German

Into German

Into Hebrew

Into Hindi

  • Reetu Kansal - translator of German and English texts into Hindi for a number of literary and professional organisations

Into Interlingua

  • Pian Boalt - translates Italian belles-lettres into Interlingua
  • Alexander Gode - translated scientific and medical literature into Interlingua

Into Italian

  • Italo Calvino - translated Raymond Queneau's Les fleurs bleues (The Blue Flowers)
  • Ettore Capriolo - translated McLuhan, Camus, Rushdie
  • Masolino D'Amico - translated Hemingway and other authors from English
  • Eduardo De Filippo - translated Shakepeare's The Tempest into 18th century Neapolitan
  • Carlo Linati - translated Joyce, Lawrence, Yeats, Synge, Dickens and Henry James
  • Vincenzo Mantovani - translated works by William Faulkner, Henry Miller, Philip Roth, Salman Rushdie, Saul Bellow, Malcolm Lowry, Charles Bukowski, Isaac Asimov, Richard Ford, William Gaddis, John Updike, Norman Mailer, Bernard Malamud, Jerzy Kosinski and others
  • Maria Napolitano Martone - translated works by Ernest Hemingway, Erskine Caldwell, Archibald Joseph Cronin, James M. Cain, W. Somerset Maugham, John Fante, William Hudson, P.G. Wodehouse, Daphne du Maurier
  • Grazyna Miller - translated Pope John Paul II's Roman Triptych: Meditations from Polish into Italian
  • Cesare Pavese - translated Melville, Dickens and others
  • Fernanda Pivano - translated works by Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Lee Masters, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, Thornton Wilder, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gregory Corso and many other English-language authors
  • Elio Vittorini - translated works by Ernest Hemingway, William Saroyan, John Steinbeck, Erskine Caldwell, William Faulkner, D.H. Lawrence and Edgar Allan Poe

Into Japanese

  • Matsudaira Chiaki - translator of Homer, Xenophon
  • Watanabe Kazuo - translator of French
  • Ogai Mori - translator of Goethe and Andersen (from the German)
  • Shunji Shimizu - translator of movie dialogs and Raymond Chandler
  • Haruki Murakami - translator of Raymond Chandler
  • Maruya Saiichi - translator of Joyce
  • Odajima Seisi - translator of Shakespeare

Into Korean

  • Chansoon Park - translator of movie dialogs
  • Eunjeong Rho - translator of current English works into Korean
  • Yeonhyang Lee - translator and professor at Monterey Inst. of Foreign Studies
  • Hyangseon Lee - translator of movie dialogs
  • Kiman Hong - translator of movie dialogs, from English or Japanese into Korean and, vice versa

Into Latin

Into Persian

Into Polish

Into Portuguese

Into Russian

Into Spanish

Into Swahili

Into Swedish


(Authors who translated their own work into other languages)

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