Lim (Croatia)

:"This is in Croatia. For the water channel in Denmark, see Limfjord."

The Lim bay and valley is a peculiar geographic feature found near Rovinj and Vrsar on the western coast of Istria, Croatia, south of Poreč. The name comes from the Latin "limes" for "limit", referring to the landform's position at the border of two Roman provinces (Dalmatia and Italia).

The Lim valley ("Limska draga" or "Limska dolina") is the 35 km long valley of the river Pazinčica, which transforms into the Lim bay ("Limski zaljev"), a 10 kilometer long estuary.

It is often called "Limski Fjord", or also "Lim fjord". The Croats call it "Limski zaljev" or "Limski kanal" ("Lim Channel") and grow fish and oysters there.

The estuary is sometimes called a fjord. Although the movie "The Long Ships" starring Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier was shot there in 1964, it is not a fjord but a ria, since it was not carved by a glacier but by the river eroding the ground on its way to the Adriatic Sea when the sea level was lower. Due to its narrow width it is also referred to as the Lim channel ("Limski kanal").

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