Robyn Hilton

Robyn Hilton is an American actress and model, probably best known for her small supporting role in Mel Brooks' 1974 comedy film "Blazing Saddles".


Robyn Hilton was born in Twin Falls, Idaho, in 1940. In her twenties she spent several years posing nude for men's publications, and also began starring in short topless loops and Nudie Cutie films. Eventually she met Mitch Orenstien, owner and CEO of adult magazine publisher M.O.R.E. Publications. Orenstien devoted pages to her in every publication he had. Hilton began an affair with Mitch Orenstien in the mid 1960's, shortly after their first photoshoot.

In 1971 Orenstien started a small, independent film company called M.O.R.E. Films. By the end of 1972, he was putting out single-reel loops and nudie cutie films. Robyn however preferred to stay on the legitimate side of acting. Her big break came in 1974, when Mel Brooks cast her in his hit comedy "Blazing Saddles". She played Miss Stein, secretary to the incompetent Gov. William J. LePetomaine. She was also featured in "Playboy" twice that year, fully clothed both times.

After "Blazing Saddles" came roles in a handful of mainstream films and television series, including "Starsky and Hutch". Eventually the work dried up, and Hilton returned to the adult film industry. She turned to her long-time lover, Mitch Orenstien for help.

In 1976, his publishers released a special issue dedicated to her entitled 'M.O.R.E. Robyn Hilton'. The issue was 124 pages and had over 200 pictures of Robyn wearing different costumes and in various states of undress. Only 100 issues were printed before M.O.R.E Publications went out of business. Hilton eventually acted in six adult feature films and two dozen sex shorts from 1975 to 1977.

In the fall of 1978, an electrical fire destroyed Mitch Orenstien's private warehouse in Carson City, Nevada. A majority of Hilton's adult shorts and features are considered lost forever as are most of the nude pictures she posed for. There is virtually no photographic record or evidence of her foray into the adult industry.

Hilton finally parted ways with M.O.R.E. Publications in 1990 after twenty years of working together. She has since retired from the film industry. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


* "Malibu Express" (Maid Marian) (1985)
* "Starsky and Hutch" (Nurse O'Toole) (1977)
* "A Climax of Blue Power" (Busty Massage Parlor girl) (1976)
* "Video Vixens" (Inga) (1975)
* "" (Karen) (1975)
* "Death Among Friends" (Nancy) (1975)
* "Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman" (aka Erotic Encounters of the Fourth Kind) (1975) (uncredited) .... (Busty Blonde Nympho)
* "Police Woman" (1974)
* "Mean Mother" (Blonde In Bikini) (1974)
* "The Last Porno Flick" (1974)
* "The Single Girls" (Denise) (1974)
* "Blazing Saddles" (Miss Stein) (1974)
* "Score" (Lovely)
* "Career Bed" (Her)
* "Cry Uncle" (Girl)
* "Is There A Life After Death?" (Nurse Mona Lott)
* "Guess What We Learned in School Today"
* "Scorpio 70"
* "House of a Thousand Dreams" (Boom Boom Bigguns) (1969)
* "Henry's Night In" (Nurse Mounds) (1969)
* "You" (Busty Goddess) (1968)
* "Naked Spur" (Busty O'Hara) (1968)
* "The 'Imp'probable Mr. Wee Gee" (Miss Mounds) (1966)
* "Calendar Pin-up Girls" (June) (1966)
* "Naughty Nudes" (Miss Fanny) (1965)
* "The Secret Society" (Bouncy McClevage) (1965)
* "Nudes Inc." (Ms. Perfect) (1965)
* "The Sexploiters"(Pom Poms) (1965)
* "Nude Scrapbook" (Topless Blonde in Cowboy boots) (1965)
* "The Wonderful World of Girls" (Ms. Sweden) (1965)
* "Sinderella and the Golden Bra" (Lady Anytime) (1964)
* "It's Hot on Sin Island" (Inga) (1964)
* "Everybody Loves It" (Lovey) (1964)
* "My Tale Is Hot" (#4) (1964)
* "Artist's Studio Secrets"(Large Bust Girl) (1964)
* "Lullaby of Bareland" (Busty Lusty) (1964)
* "Passion Holiday" (Busty Lusty) aka Miami Rendezvous (1963)
* "She Should Have Stayed in Bed" (Fanny) aka She Didn't Stay in Bed (1963)
* "Bell, Bare and Beautiful" (Pammy Whammy) (1963)
* "50,000 B.C. (Before Clothing)" (Missy Topps) aka Nudes on the Rocks (1963)
* "Once Upon a Knight" (Lady Boom Boom of Bustonia) (1963)
* "Kiss Me Quick!" (Girl)
* "Dr. Sex" (Busty Nurse)
* "The Bare Hunt" (Boobie Sue)
* "House on Bare Mountain" (Nudie Cutie #5)
* "Best Chest in the West" (Herself)
* "The Harem Bunch" (Herself)
* "Crazy Wild and Crazy" (Miss Wildinsack)
* "The Naked World of Harrison" (Marks (Herself)
* "1000 Shapes of a Female"

Notable films she rejected

She was offered several B Movies in the 1980s. All the parts required a lot of nudity and relied heavily on her slim but buxom physique. By this time, she had made enough money to be selective of the roles she took. Although she was offered roles of 22 and 23-year-olds, she had had enough. She turned down all these roles on principle. Some of the offers include:
* "H.O.T.S." (Cynthia); (Boom Boom) - Hilton felt that the roles were too small and too forgetable to play.
* "Up the Academy" (Ms. Bliss) - Early drafts of the script, with Robyn Hilton in mind, gave the Bliss character a lot more lines. Writers also wrote several semi nude and topless that would have played on Hilton's physique.
* "Screwballs" (June Busch) - Robyn felt that she looked too young and sexy to play someone's mother, so she passed.
* "Gimme an 'F'" (Sissy Williams) - By Hilton's account "The producers didn't even want me to read the script. They just told me the role would be a busty redheaded cheerleader. I just didn't want to say yes without reading a script or at least finding out more about the role and character."
* "Meatballs 2" (Fanny) - Her screentest consisted of taking off her top and waving pom-poms in the air. According to Hilton, "I loved the script but the nudity was too much. I wanted to move away from all of that."
* "Heartbreakers" (Candy)
* "Loose Screws" (Mona Lott) - Robyn describes her reasons for rejecting the script: "I was always comfortable being the object of desire, but I thought the movie would be a dud. It just didn't seem that funny. The only scenes that were funny were the seductions scenes between the Mona Lott character and the Hardbutt character. There was a three-page seduction scene that they wrote but removed."
* "Private Resort" (Bobbi Sue) - Robyn read the script and met with producers. She asked them to add more lines and give the character more depth and soul. When they refused, she created her own back story and wrote a few additional scenes for herself. The repeated "stonewalling" she received from producers caused her to pass.
* "Stewardess School" (Muffy) - Another scene where Robyn would be dancing around toples. She passed immediately.
* "The Boss' Wife" (Mrs. Rovign) - An un-named producer sent her the script and asked to meet with her. According to sourcesFact|date=March 2007, the producer made several sexual passes at her, causing her to storm out of his office.
* "Recruits" (Sgt. S)
* "Party Camp" (Nurse Brenda) - Hilton hated the script and threw it away after reading only ten pages. The role was later offered to Leslie Easterbrook of "Police Academy" fame. She also turned it down due to the nudity. The role eventually went to April Wayne, who shot the scenes without protest. The scenes were removed and the footage destroyed when it was learned that the male actor was not yet of legal age.
* "Paramedics" (Nurse Helms)
* "Dr. Alien" (Dr. Alien)

Magazine appearances

* Sexterra – Issue #1 June 1964; #4 April 1965.
* Sex Club - Issue #6 Spring 1965; #7 Summer 1965
* Club Key – Issue #5 April 1964; #10 September 1964
* Sex Key – Issue #1 July 1964; #2 August 1964
* Golden Key – Issue #5 June 1964
* Club Card – Issue #3 June 1965
* Hot Tail – Issue #2 January 1964
* Boobtacular Digest – Issue #1 February 1964
* Titacular – Issue #1 March 1965
* Busty Lusty – Issue #4 May 1964
* Big Ones – Issue #5 May 1965
* Skin – Issue #1 January 1966
* Best Breast – Issue #2 February 1966; Issue #4 April 1966; Issue #6 June 1966; Issue #8 August 1966
* Breast Lust – Issue #1 September 1966; Issue #2 December 1966
* Chesty – Issue #27 October 1966
* Titanic Titties – Issue #9 July 1967
* Harem – Issue #6 October 1967
* Passion – Issue #2 November 1967
* Bareland Beauties – Issue #3 December 1967
* Secret Desires – Issue #1 May 1968
* Sexploiter Monthly – Issue #7 September 1968
* Private Den – Issue #1 January 1968
* Secret Den – Issue # 6 December 1968
* Vixen – Year in Sex 1969
* Dream World – Issue #18 February 1969
* Sin – Issue #3 August 1969
* Bare – Issue #2 July 1969
* Bare Hunt – Issue #1 November 1970
* Private Key – Issue #4 March 1970
* Executive Club – Issue #8 October 1070
* Slutty Secretaries – Issue #1 January 1971
* Naughty Nurses – Issue #7 July 1971
* Pussycat – Issue #8 August 1971
* Hot Hot Hot Housewifes! – Issue #2 February 1972
* Sex Kitten – Issue #3 March 1972
* Bare Naked – Issue # 9 September 1972
* Tittyfucker – All six issues: January 1973; March 1973; May 1973; July 1973; September 1973; November 1973.
* Playboy Magazine – November 1974; December 1974
* Cream Pie Monthly – Volume 1, Issue # 12 December 1964; Volume 2, Issue # 6 June 1965; Volume 3, Issue # 1 January 1966; Volume 3, Issue 6 June 1966; Volume 3, Issue #12 December 1966.
* Sex Den – Issue #40 April 1966; Issue #43 December 1966; #44 January 1967; #49 December 1966; #50 January 1967; #55 December 1967; #56 January 1968; #61 December 1968; #62 January 1969; #67 December 1969; #68 January 1970; #73 December 1970


In 1989, she gave a lengthy interview to Movie Buff Magazine. It appeared in the December 1989 issue of the magazine. The following are selected quotes from the interview.
* "I've kept myself in shape by working out. Plus, a bit of plastic surgery doesn't hurt. I got a breast lift and implants to make them bigger and firmer. They are my best feature, after all. It was not really for me, but for the fans who worship me and 'the boys.' They are my best assets. I need to keep them up."
* "Don't get me wrong, I love my breasts. They got me a house. They're big and natural and so wonderful. What's not to like? I was the first woman to nickname her breasts. There is nothing wrong with a healthy set of boobs."
* "I still love the attention. To my fans, I will always be Ms. Stein. I can't think of a higher complement."
* "My roles are always supposed to be much bigger. Some how, most of the nudity I've done has gotten cut. In one film, I can't mention which one, we shot a long scene where I was topless, lying on the couch. I had some great, sexual lines. Then, we began making love on the couch. Just as things got really hot, we got interrupted, for comic effect. Then, I ran around the room, topless, just bouncing everywhere. It was really something. It was a 5 or 6 minute sex scene, most of it improvised, that never made it into the film."
* "I've sone a few naughty feature films. I didn't like it though. Everything was all over the place. I didn't know what was going on at any given moment. Plus, the men were not my type."
* "I had a brief affair with a very famous director. I can't tell you his name but I can tell you that it was nothing special. It was only noteworthy because he was the worst lover I've ever had."
* "I'll tell you a story about that director. You see he also acted in the film and I played the woman he was sleeping with. He always wanted to 'rehearse" our big love scene. Well, lets just say that he got stage fright, if you know what I mean. He had a lot of trouble sexually. It's funny because he is married to a very famous actress. I mean he is married to a legendary sex icon of the 1960s and he has no idea what he is doing."
* "One night, after he spent an hour trying to get things going, he started to cry. I giggled a bit and next thing you know, he cut out most of my scenes from the film. I mean it's not my fault he is horrible in bed."
* "I don't care if a guy is rich or poor. As long as he can keep up with me sexually, I'll keep him."
* "I am not a nymphomaniac. I just love sex. I am three times as giving as I am demanding when it comes to sex."
* "Size doesn't matter. Stamina matters. I was dating a guy who was huge, but he had no idea what he was doing and it was over like that. I have an ideal size in mind."
* "I have a thing for young Asian men. I have never dated an Indian man. But that's what I'm looking for. I mean they created the Karma Sutra. A cute, young Indian man who loves sex and big breasts. That's number one on my Christmas List."
* "My favorite sexual position? I like them all! I'm very orgasmic."
* "I managed to keep all my costumes and outfits from my movies. They are great reminders, plus they come in very handy in the bedroom. 'Ms. Stein' is alive and well. The only problem is since I've had them done, my breasts are much bigger and better. The tops of the costumes don't fit. But the outfit doesn't stay on that long, anyway. Usually, when I'm making love, that's the first thing to go."

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