Austria (disambiguation)

Austria (disambiguation)

In addition to the country, the Republic of Austria, the name Austria can refer to the following:

* The Latin name for Austria used poetically in German and for various applications in Austria such as:
** The name of a 19th century national personification of Austria ("Nationalallegorie Austria")
** Two historical models of motorcycle and a historical model of automobile
** Several models of Austrian locomotives
** Bank Austria Creditanstalt, a bank
** LTU Austria, an airline
** Austria Microsystems, a semiconductor manufacturer
** United Telekom Austria, a telecommunications provider
** Austria Metall AG, a holding company
** FK Austria Wien, a soccer (football) club
** SC Austria Lustenau, a soccer (football) club
** SV Austria Salzburg, a former soccer (football) club
** SK Austria Klagenfurt, a former soccer (football) club
** A1 Team Austria, the Austrian team of A1 Grand Prix

*A number of former and current states or other political entities including:
** Austria (European Parliament constituency)
**The current Austrian federal state of Lower Austria
**The current Austrian federal state of Upper Austria
**The First Austrian Republic (1919–1934)
**The Republic of German Austria (1918–1919)
**Austria-Hungary (1867–1918)
**The Austrian Empire (1804–1867)
**The Habsburg Monarchy (1526–1918), often called Austria
**The Archduchy of Austria, a constituent crown land and core region of Austria-Hungary, the Austrian Empire, and the Habsburg Monarchy
**The Duchy and Margravate of Austria, the predecessors of the Archduchy of Austria

* The name of an asteroid, 136 Austria
* The name of a ship, SS Austria
* A U.S. politician, Steve Austria


* Despite a similar spelling, the word "Austria", derived from the German "Ostarrîchi" ("Eastern Realm"), is unrelated to "Australia", derived from the Latin for "south". Australasia describes the region about Australia.
* Another country with a similar spelling is Austrasia.

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