Skunked TV

infobox television
show_name = Skunked TV

rating = TV-G
caption =
format = Pranking Series, Comedy
runtime =30 Minutes
creator = Unknown
starring = Madai Zaldivar
Chuck Cureau
country = United States
network = Discovery Kids, NBC
first_aired = July 24, 2004
last_aired = August 1, 2004
No._of_episodes = 13
website =|

Skunked TV is a children's television prank show on "Discovery Kids". On this show, children are pranked by seeing animals do weird things (Such as letting birds fly out a cage while the children are suppose to watch them. Then they get blamed by the zoo keepers (which are the hosts)). The host is Madai Zaldivar and the co-host is Chuck Cureau. The series ran in 2004 but canceled after one season of 15 episodes. According to it is on a hiatus.


1. "Who let the Bird Out?"

2. "Scrambled Eggs"

3. "Egg Drop"

4. "Tangled Web"

5. "Dog for a Day"

6. "Bird Brain"

7. "For the Birds"

8. "Swine Song"

9. "Leapin' Lemur"

10. "Cat-Napped"

11. "Love Stinks"

12. "Egg Head"

13. "Super Size Surprise"

14. "Stinker"

15. "Whale of a Tale"


*Hi-Jinks is similar to Skunked TV.
*The title "Skunked" is similar to "Punk'd", another practical joke television show

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