Lai Chi Wo

Lai Chi Wo (Traditional Chinese: 荔枝窩,Hakka Dialect:Lit Zi Wo) is a village in Sha Tau Kok, in Hong Kong, China.

Lai Chi Wo has one of the best feng shui forests in Hong Kong. Inhabitants of this village were from the Tsang and Wong Hakka families. Only one family still lives there and the rest have either moved overseas or to other parts of Hong Kong. The village is making a comeback after a dormant period by offering ecotourists in Hong Kong very good hiking trips and interesting history. There are presently 2 food stalls opened by villagers offering traditional Hakka dishes.

As the name suggests, this area was once known for its lychee trees. But in the 1960s and 1970s villagers found it more profitable to plant Mandarins, which could fetch good prices towards Chinese New Year (as they are seen as auspicious), and lychee trees became scarcer.


* Hip Tin Temple and Hok Shan Monastery are Grade II historic buildings.
* The Lai Chi Wo Special Area was designated as a Special Area in 2005 and covers 1 hectare. [ [ Country Parks & Special Areas] ]

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