In general, a filler is something that is used to fill gaps. Specialized meanings of the word "filler" include:

* Filler (animal food), dietary fiber and other ingredients added to pet foods to provide bulk
* Filler (linguistics), a sound spoken to fill up gaps in utterances
* Filler (materials), particles added to a matrix material, usually to improve its properties
** Fillers are mostly used in furniture industries to fill the plywood or wooden surfaces prelaminated or laminated, prepolished or polished and on all sorts of woods so that no absorbing pores or minute holes are left open. This is done prior to the application of wood polishes or finishes and wood stains so as to maintain a better look of such surfaces.

In media and entertainment:
* Filler (media), in television and other media, material that exists outside the story arc to pad out other material
* Filler (song) by hardcore punk band Minor Threat
* Filler notes, in music, notes added between beats
* "Filler track", in music, an album track that is deemed not to be a major, standout song, but one to fill a void or gap
* "Filler", short pieces of information used to 'fill' odd gaps on the printed page of a newspaper or other publication when the main feature falls short of the full page. These can be mini-articles, jokes, cartoons, recipes,little sports, poems, usually submitted by freelance writers.

In computing:
* "Filler", a field used to pad out the size of a fixed width record for a file or some other storage or transmission unit. A field named Filler is commonly used in Cobol to pad out a record and adjusted in size as new fields are added within the existing length.

See also

* Fillér, the name of various small change coins throughout Hungarian history, and one hundredth of a Hungarian forint

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