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Season = 1
Caption = Caleb's birthday bash at the Cohen's house
Episode = 6
Airdate = September 9, 2003 (FOX)
Writer = Josh Schwartz
Debra J. Fisher
Erica Messer
Director = Steve Robman
Production = 176505
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"The Girlfriend" is the 6th episode of the FOX television series, "The O.C.". The episode was written by Debra J. Fisher and Erica Messer and was directed by Steve Robman. It originally aired on Tuesday September 9, 2003.

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The Cohens are preparing for a visit from Kirsten's father. Sandy isn't exactly looking forward to it. Just then, Caleb - Kirsten's father - strolls in, happy to see his little girl. Sandy wonders where his new girlfriend is. Well, she's enjoying a swim.

Out back, Ryan worries about meeting Caleb as he had recently burned down one of his model homes. Seth says he's very mellow with the new girlfriend, so shouldn't fret. Seth introduces Grandpa to Ryan, whom he immediately pegs as "the kid who burned down my house." Then the very hot, very young, very wet trophy girlfriend, Gabrielle, steps out of the pool and into Ryan's eyeline.

Luke drops by Marissa's after getting his stitches out of the gunshot wound. He's been thinking lately about getting a second chance with her. He offers Marissa a stuffed bear and tells her he's going to be there for her during this mess with her parents. Marissa isn't sure if they should get back together, but Luke tells her they could just hang out today.

Sandy and Kirsten discuss the big birthday plans with Caleb. Then Kirsten and her dad butt heads a little about the redesign of the burned down house. Caleb sarcastically comments that she doesn't need to consult the him on an architect. After all, she didn't consult him on adopting Ryan. And so, Caleb will be "scaling back" Kirsten's responsibilities with the business so she can "spend a bit more time…with her new son."

Next door, Julie Cooper returns from the stables. They just said goodbye to their daughter's horse, China. Julie thinks she wants that divorce after all. Ryan drops by to invite Marissa to Caleb's birthday bash. Luke is there and thanks Ryan for taking him to the ER and calling Marissa. He departs with a cheery "Take it easy, guy."

At Ryan's work, Gabrielle pops in for a glass of 'getting to know you'. Gabrielle admits that it's a little weird living with an older guy, but what else can a retired model do? Ryan says it can't be weirder than living in a pool house.

At home, Sandy advises Kirsten to quit to show her dad some moxie. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Ryan continue their bonding session when Marissa drops by to talk. She tells him Luke wants to be reunited because it feels so good, but she doesn't know what to do. Ryan, a bit upset, asks her to tell him when she decides on who she wants to be with.

Later, Marissa commiserates with Summer. Marissa discusses with Summer why Ryan couldn't help her pick. Summer comments that it's her choice, not his. Cruising down the bike path, Seth and Ryan see the girls sitting down for lunch. Seth wants to pull the "Look who's here!" while Ryan wants to bail. Seth jumps in and Summer takes him to get salsa. Ryan apologizes and asks Marissa to the Caleb fete. She's already going, but with Luke.

At El bar de salsa, Summer gets picante on her finger. Eww. No napkins. Lick it off, Seth. He complies. Then Summer asks Seth if he'll be her date for the "awesome party" for his grandpa. Wait, do you want to go with me, or do you just want to go? Summer's look lets Seth know it's time to shut up.

Sandy again advises Kirsten to quit. They can move back to Berkeley! She can open the gallery she's always wanted to. After family dinner that night, Sandy implores Kirsten to talk to her dad now. Caleb comes in to see what's going on. Sandy says they're thinking of moving. Caleb and Sandy argue over who has the right to speak for Kirsten and just whose house Sandy thinks he's living in anyway. In the end, Caleb says he expects Kirsten's resignation in the morning.

Seth, Ryan and Gabrielle head to the pool house to avoid the DD. Seth goes to get a new game to play, leaving the other two alone. It's just them and the specter of sexual tension. Gabrielle confesses that she's bored with Caleb and slides her hand down Ryan's leg. Then she moves in for the make out. Before it could get serious though, Caleb's voice booms out and calls for Gabriel to leave. Next day in the pool, Seth asks Ryan what the Gabrielle story is. He says they made out a bit. "What about Marissa?" "What about her?" Indeed.

Party night. Caleb arrives and Kirsten tries to explain about the other night. He's not having it. Gabrielle immediately spots Ryan and offers him the cherry from her cosmo. Little forward, maybe. Ryan is torn. The Coopers, Luke and Summer arrive. Ryan spots Luke and Marissa flirting a bit at the bar and suddenly isn't so torn anymore. Summer starts making the rich guy circuit with Seth as an escort.

Jimmy shows up to the party with plans to ask Caleb for a job. Julie thinks this is a terrible, terrible idea. In the bathroom, Summer sees that Marissa has opted for Luke and wonders when the sex is going down. A boy can't wait forever, you know. Gabrielle finds Ryan in the pool house. She knows he's hurt by Marissa. After a bit of small talk, Gabrielle throws Ryan on the bed. Marissa, looking to have finally decided, finds Gabrielle on top of Ryan, removing clothes and all. Devastated, she immediately leaves their eyesight. She tracks down Luke and drags him out of the party.

Jimmy corners Caleb and gets the blow off. Julie hates to say I told you so, but does anyway. Julie approaches Caleb and lays a sob story on him. Caleb offers to take her to dinner and figure something out. Elsewhere, Summer finds Seth moping and Seth says he's done introducing her to rich guys. He says these guys don't care about her and don't know her entire life story like he does. She's charmed by the fact he remembers her poem from sixth grade and plants one on him.

Sandy pins down Caleb and lays it straight. Caleb needs Kirsten more than she needs him and that bothers him. Sandy says to cool it or he'll lose her and really be in trouble. Caleb finds his little "Kiki" and sets the record straight. There's always a place for her in the business.

In the world of love, Gabrielle consoles Ryan while Marissa lets Luke be her first. Afterwards, Luke drops Marissa off at home, where Ryan is waiting for her. "You're too late," she says, and then heads inside.


*"You're So Damn Hot" by OK Go
*"Wait For Me" by The Runaways
*"Disco Church" by The Faders
*"Break" by Palm Street
*"More Bounce" by Soul Kid #1
*"Do You" by User
*"Hollow" by Tricky
*"You and I Both" by Jason Mraz

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