List of Beijing Subway stations

The following is a list of stations found within the Beijing Subway.

Lines in Operation

There are currently 5 lines under operation.

Line 1 一号线

*BJS stations|station=Pingguoyuan 苹果园 (Apple Garden)
*BJS stations|station=Guchenglu 古城路 (Road of the Old City)
*BJS stations|station=Bajiao Amusement Park 八角游乐园
*BJS stations|station=Babaoshan 八宝山 (Mountain of Eight Treasures)
*BJS stations|station=Yuquanlu 玉泉路
*BJS stations|station=Wukesong 五棵松 (Five Pines)
*BJS stations|station=Wanshoulu 万寿路
*BJS stations|station=Gongzhufen 公主坟 (Princess Tomb)
*BJS stations|station=Military Museum 军事博物馆 (name is broadcast as "The Military Museum")
*BJS stations|station=Muxidi 木樨地
*BJS stations|station=Nanlishilu 南礼士路
*BJS stations|station=Fuxingmen 复兴门 (Gate of Revival, interchange to Line 2)
*BJS stations|station=Xidan 西单 (station is close to the major Xidan shopping complexes)
*BJS stations|station=Tian'anmen West 天安门西
*BJS stations|station=Tian'anmen East 天安门东
*BJS stations|station=Wangfujing 王府井 (station is close to Wangfujing Shopping Street and Oriental Plaza)
*BJS stations|station=Dongdan 东单 (will be linked with Line 5)
*BJS stations|station=Jianguomen 建国门 (interchange to Line 2)
*BJS stations|station=Yonganli 永安里
*BJS stations|station=Guomao 国贸 (China World Trade Centre; name is broadcast as "The International Trade Centre"; and new CCTV Headquarters building, known for its architectural intrigue)
*BJS stations|station=Dawanglu 大望路
*BJS stations|station=Sihui 四惠 (interchange to Batong Line)
*BJS stations|station=Sihui East 四惠东 (interchange to Batong Line)

Batong line 八通线

*Sihui 四惠 (interchange to Line 1)
*Sihuidong 四惠东 (interchange to Line 1)
*Gaobeidian 高碑店
*Guangbo xueyuan 广播学院 (Broadcasting Academy)
*Shuangqiao 双桥 (Two Bridges)
*Guanzhuang 管庄
*Baliqiao 八里桥
*Tongzhoubeiyuan 通州北苑
*Guoyuan 果园 (Fruit Garden)
*Jiukeshu 九棵树 (Nine Trees)
*Liyuan 梨园 (Pear Garden)
*Linheli 临河里
*Tuqiao 土桥 (Earth Bridge)

Line 2 (Loop Line) 二号线

*BJS stations|station=Fuxingmen 复兴门 (Gate of Revival)
*BJS stations|station=Fuchengmen 阜成门
*BJS stations|station=Chegongzhuang 车公庄
*BJS stations|station=Xizhimen 西直门 (The Western Gate, interchange to Line 13)
*BJS stations|station=Jishuitan 积水潭 (Water-Collecting Pool)
*BJS stations|station=Gulou Dajie 鼓楼大街 (The Great Drum Tower Street)
*BJS stations|station=Andingmen 安定门 (The Gate of Safety, commonly the Northern Gate)
*BJS stations|station=Yonghegong Lama Temple 雍和宫 (The Palace of Harmony and Peace / Lama Temple)
*BJS stations|station=Dongzhimen 东直门 (The Eastern Gate, interchange to Line 13)
*BJS stations|station=Dongsi Shitiao 东四十条 (East 40th Street)
*BJS stations|station=Chaoyangmen 朝阳门 (Gate Facing Toward the Sun)
*BJS stations|station=Jianguomen 建国门 (National Reconstruction Gate; interchange to Line 1)
*BJS stations|station=Beijing Railway Station 北京站 (Beijing Railway Station)
*BJS stations|station=Chongwenmen 崇文门 (Gate of Cultural Veneration)
*BJS stations|station=Qianmen 前门 (The Facing Gate, commonly the Southern Gate)
*BJS stations|station=Hepingmen 和平门 (Gate of Peace)
*BJS stations|station=Xuanwumen 宣武门 (Gate of Military Declaration)
*BJS stations|station=Changchunjie 长椿街 (Changchun Street)

Line 5 五号线

*天通西苑北 Tiantongxiyuanbei
*天通西苑 Tiantongxiyuan
*天通西苑南 Tiantongxiyuannan
*立水桥 Lishuiqiao (换十三号线 Transfer with Line 13)
*立水桥南 Lishuiqiaonan
*北苑西 Beiyuanxi
*大屯东 Datundong
*惠新西桥 Huixinxiqiao
*北土城东路 Beituchengdonglu (换十号线 Transfer with Line 10)
*和平西桥 Hepingxiqiao
*和平里北街 Hepinglibeijie
*雍和宫 Yonghegong (换二号线 Transfer with Line 2)
*北新桥 Beixinqiao
*张自忠路 Zhangzizhonglu
*东四 Dongsi
*灯市口 Dengshikou
*东单 Dongdan (换一号线 Transfer with Line 1)
*崇文门 Chongwenmen (换二号线 Transfer with Line 2)
*磁器口 Ciqikou
*天坛东门 Tiantandongmen
*蒲黄榆 Puhuangyu
*刘家窑 Liujiayao
*宋家庄 Songjiazhuang (换亦庄轻轨 Transfer with Yizhuang Light Rail)

Line 13 (Elevated CityRail) 十三号线(城市铁路)

*Xizhimen 西直门 (interchange to Loop line)
*Dazhongsi 大钟寺 (Great Bell Temple)
*Zhichunlu 知春路
*Wudaokou 五道口
*Shangdi 上地
*Xi'erqi 西二旗
*Longze 龙泽
*Huilongguan 回龙观
*Huoying 霍营
*Lishuiqiao 立水桥
*Beiyuan 北苑
*Wangjingxi 望京西 (Wangjing West)
*Shaoyaoju 芍药居
*Guangximen 光熙门
*Liufang 柳芳
*Dongzhimen 东直门 (interchange to Loop line)

Lines under construction or planning

All of the following station names are tentative.

十号线 Line 10

*万柳 Wanliu
*苏州街 Suzhoujie
*黄庄 Huangzhuang (换四号线 Transfer with Line 4)
*科南路 Kenanyuan
*知春路 Zhichunlu (换十三号线 Transfer with Line 13)
*学院路 Xueyuanlu
*花园东路 Huayuandonglu
*八达岭高速 Badalinggaosu
*熊猫环岛 Xiongmaohuandao (换八号线 Transfer with Line 8)
*安定路 Andinglu (换八号线 Transfer with Line 8)
*北土城东路 Beituchengdonglu (换五号线 Transfer with Line 5)
*芍药居 Shaoyaoju (换十三号线 Transfer with Line 13)
*太阳宫 Taiyanggong
*麦子店西路 Maizidianxilu
*亮马河 Liangmahe
*农展馆 Nongzhan’guan
*工体北路 Gongtibeilu
*呼家楼 Hujialou
*光华路 Guanghualu
*国贸 Guomao (换一号线 Transfer with Line 1)
*双井 Shuangjing
*劲松 Jingsong

四号线 Line 4

*马家楼 Majialou
*石榴庄路 Shiliuzhuanglu
*角门北 Jiaomenbei
*北京南站 Beijing South Railway Station
*陶然亭 Taoranting
*菜市口 Caishikou
*宣武门 Xuanwumen (换二号线 Transfer with Line 2)
*西单 Xidan (换一号线 Transfer with Line 1)
*灵境胡同 Lingjinghutong
*西四 Xisi
*平安里 Ping’anli
*新街口 Xinjiekou
*西直门 Xizhimen (换二号线、十三号线 Transfer with Lines 2, 13)
*动物园 Beijing Zoo
*白石桥 Baishiqiao
*学院南路 Xueyuannanlu (换九号线 Transfer with Line 9)
*双榆树 Shuangyushu
*黄庄 Huangzhuang (换十号线 Transfer with Line 10)
*中关村 Zhongguancun
*成府路 Chengfulu
*圆明园 Yuanmingyuan
*颐和园 Yiheyuan
*北宫门 Beigongmen
*龙背村 Longbeicun

奥运支线 Olympic Branch Line

*森林公园 Forest Park
*奥林匹克公园 Olympic Park
*奥体中心 Olympic Sports Center
*熊猫环岛 Xiongmaohuandao (换十号线 Transfer with Line 10)
*安定路 Andinglu (换八号线 Transfer with Line 10)

九号线 Line 9

*白石桥 Baoshiqiao (换四号线 Transfer with Line 4)
*四道口 Sidaokou
*白堆子 Baiduizi
*军博 Military Museum (换一号线 Transfer with Line 1)
*北京西站 Beijing West Railway Station (换火车站联络线)

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