Player may refer to:
* Player (dating), slang term for a (usually male, but also female) individual skilled at sexual seduction
* Player (game), a participant in a game
** Player character
** Player-coach
** Player-manager
** Player (political)

Theatre, film, and television

* An actor
* Bravo 2, a television channel, originally known as "Player", focusing on gambling
* "The Player" (1971), a rare film featuring billiards legend "Minnesota Fats" (Rudolph Wanderone Jr.) as himself
* "The Player" (1992), a satirical film directed by Robert Altman about a cynical Hollywood film producer


* Player (band), a 1970s rock band from Los Angeles, California
* Player (M. Pokora album), French singer M. Pokora's second album


* CD player
* DVD player
* Player piano
* Record player
* Tape player

* Media player (application software), a piece of software tailored for playing back different forms of multimedia file formats
* Player (software), a robot interface specification and software system

ee also

* Players
* Playhour

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