List of mountains in India

List of mountains in India

List of mountains and mountain ranges in India.


* Anginda
* Bambi Dhura
* Burphu Dhura
* Changuch
* Chaudhara
* Chiring We
* Doddabetta
* Hardeol
* Jonglingkong or Baba Kailash
* K12
* Kalsubai
* Kamet
* Kanchanjenga ; highest in India
* Katphori Tiba
* Mount Abu
* Nagalaphu
* Nanda Devi — second highest (Since Kangchenjunga is half in India and half in Nepal. So Nanda Devi is the highest mountain peak in India)
* Nanda Devi East
* Nanda Gond
* Nanda Kot
* Nanda Pal
* Nun Kun
* Panchchuli
* Pandim
* Rajrambha
* Rimo I
* Rishi Pahar
* Saltoro Kangri
* Saser Kangri
* Sangthang
* Sispara
* Suj Tilla East
* Suj Tilla West
* Suli Top
* Trishuli
* Trisul
* Badrinath
* Kedarnath
* Yamnotri
* Gangotri
* moon peak
* Kapilash

Ranges in India

* Aravalli Range
* Annamalai and Cardamom Hills, Kerala
* Camore Hills
* Eastern Ghats
* Garo Hills
* The Himalayas
* Karakoram Range
* Khasi Hills
* Jaintia Hills
* Manipur Hills
* Mizo Hills
* Naga Hills
* Nag Tibba Range
* Nilgiri Hills
* Patkai Hills
* Pir Panjal Range
* Purvanchal Range
* Satpura Range
* Shivalik Hills
* Vindhya Range
* Western Ghats
* Matheran
* Zaskar Range
* Great Indian
* Nanga Parbat

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List of mountains

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