List of Democratic National Conventions

This is a list of Democratic National Conventions. These conventions are the presidential nominating conventions of the Democratic Party of the United States.

1 A resolution endorsing "the repeated nominations which he [Jackson] has received in various parts of the Union" was passed by the convention.
2 A resolution stating "that the convention deem it expedient at the present time not to choose between the individuals in nomination, but to leave the decision to their Republican fellow-citizens in the several states" was passed by the convention. Most Van Buren electors voted for Richard Mentor Johnson of Kentucky for the vice presidency; others voted for Littleton Waller Tazewell of Virginia and James K. Polk of Tennessee in the election of 1840.
3 Silas Wright of New York was first nominated and he declined the nomination.
4 Cushing resigned as permanent chairman.
5 Douglas and Johnson were chosen as the candidates of the Front Street Theater convention after most of the Southern delegations walked out. The convention bolters soon formed their own convention, located at the Maryland Institute, also in Baltimore, on June 28th, 1860. At their convention Caleb Cushing again served as permanent chairman and John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky was nominated for the presidency and Joseph Lane of Oregon was nominated for the vice presidency.
6 Benjamin Fitzpatrick of Alabama was first nominated and he declined the nomination.
7 Eagleton withdrew his candidacy after the convention and was replaced by R. Sargent Shriver, Jr. of Maryland.

Keynote speakers (incomplete list)

* 1912 - Former Chief Judge and 1904 Presidential nominee Alton B. Parker of New York
* 1948 - Senate Minority Leader Alben W. Barkley of Kentucky (also V.P. nominee) []
* 1960 - Senator Frank Church of Idaho
* 1964 - Senator John O. Pastore of Rhode Island []
* 1968 - Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii
* 1972 - Governor Reubin Askew of Florida [ [,9171,879402-4,00.html Time magazine, "200 Faces for the Future," 1974] ]
* 1976 - Representative Barbara Jordan of Texas []
* 1980 - Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts
* 1984 - Governor Mario Cuomo of New York []
* 1988 - Texas State Treasurer Ann Richards
* 1992 - Senator Bill Bradley of New Jersey, Representative Barbara Jordan of Texas, Governor Zell Miller of Georgia (only one time with three keynote speakers) []
* 1996 - Governor Evan Bayh of Indiana
* 2000 - Representative Harold Ford, Jr. of Tennessee
* 2004 - Illinois State Senator Barack Obama
* 2008 - Former Governor Mark Warner of Virginia


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