Peace activist

A peace activist is a political activist who advocates for a peaceful resolution of political disputes. Peace activists are part of the peace movement.

Dr. Lawrence S. Wittner questioned the role played by peace activists in preventing wars in a paper where he stated that "rather than peace activism putting an end to war, war puts an end to peace activism".Fact|date=February 2007

The Cold War threat of nuclear proliferation was a strong inspiration to many peace activists in recent times; it spawned the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Peace activism was common during the Vietnam War. Anti-War protests proliferated throughout the United States. These protests involved marches and popular musicians of the time such as Arlo Guthrie and Joan Baez.

There has been a resurgence of peace activism during recent wars in the Middle East including Operation Iraqi Freedom and War in Afghanistan.

There are significant nexuses among peace activist groups, environmental campaigners and the direct action movement.

Notable peace activists

*Jane Addams
*Ernesto Balducci
*Daniel Berrigan
*Philip Berrigan
*Vera Brittain
*Elihu Burritt
*Noam Chomsky
*Rachel Corrie
*Frances Crowe
*Dorothy Day
*Huey Newton
*Bobby Seale
*Daniel Ellsberg
*Mahatma Gandhi
*William Lloyd Garrison
*Keir Hardie
*G. Simon Harak
*George Harrison
*Abbie Hoffman
*Jerry Rubin
*Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
*Martin Luther King Jr.
*George Lansbury
*John Lennon
*Charles A. Lindbergh
*Mairead Corrigan Maguire
*Macy Morse
*A.J. Muste
*Linus Pauling
*Jeannette Rankin
*Henry Richard
*Oscar Romero
*Martin Sheen
*Tom Fox
*Toma Sik
*Jeanmarie Simpson
*C. Maxwell Stanley
*Leo Tolstoy
*Jo Vallentine
*Mordechai Vanunu
*Brian Willson
*Howard Zinn

ee also

*Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
*Environmental direct action in the United Kingdom
*Peace churches

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