BNU (software)

BNU is a high-performance communications driver that supports most DOS-based BBS software.

BNU was written as an experimental driver for serial communications, then being made FOSSIL compatible, and was released to the public in 1989. BNU was one of only two or three available FOSSIL drivers for the IBM PC compatible hardware and MS/PC-DOS operating system. Because of this, BNU has been one of the most widely used MS-DOS FOSSIL communications drivers.

BNU was mainly used with DOS-based Bulletin Board System (BBS) software written in the late 1980's to mid 1990's. It is not used by Windows-based BBS software, but BNU can be used under Windows NTVDM to run DOS-based BBS software under Windows.

The name "BNU" was originally a rip-off of AT&T's "BNU UUCP", and in that context meant "Basic Networking Utilities". The author of BNU, David Nugent, felt that the acronym was particularly apt for BNU's function.

The [ BNUFAQ] used to be posted in the Fidonet BNU support echo by the author. This saved text file is the last official posting of this FAQ by David Nugent, BNU's author.

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