Experiments in Living

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Name = Experiments in Living
Type = Album
Artist = Four Day Hombre

Released = 13 March 2006
Recorded =
Genre =
Length = 43:21
Label = Alamo Music
Producer = Dave Odlum
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This album = "Experiments in Living"
Next album = "Fight Death"

"Experiments in Living" is the debut album of Four Day Hombre, and was released on March 13th, 2006. It is available on CD only (catalogue number ALM CDA001). The title of the album is inspired by the book "Among the Bohemians: Experiments in Living 1900-1939", by Virginia Nicholson.

Track listing

#"The First Word Is the Hardest" – 4:20
#"Don't Go Gently" – 4:28
#"Single Room" – 4:15
#"Flame" – 3:45
#"Mr. M" – 4:27
#"13th of the Month" – 3:57
#"The Boy With the Mended Heart" – 2:57
#"1000 Bulbs" – 3:59
#"Inertia" – 5:32
#"Three Years" – 5:41

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