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The Barnabas Fund is an evangelical Protestant Christian missionary organisation that serves Christians in many countries who face discrimination or persecution, and makes their needs known to Christians around the world, encouraging them to pray. It provides practical help to strengthen and encourage the Church in many different ways. Barnabas Fund was established in 1993 and channels aid to projects run by national Christians in more than 40 countries.

The problems faced by Christian minorities in some parts of the world range from discrimination to genocide. Even in many places that allow worship and evangelism, a convert to Christianity will almost always be rejected by family and community. Whilst many ancient churches are declining because of intense social pressure, new growth is suppressed by the persecution of converts. At the same time, Barnabas Fund officials are quite opposed to the trend of Christian conversions to other religions in Western countries; their publishing wing has published several books such as "“Secrets Behind the Burqa” which "analyses whether Muslim women will be able to embrace Western values and thinking or will be trapped inside their own cultural and religious system" and "Stepping into the Shadows" which "explores the reasons why so many women are converting to Islam".

Barnabas Fund's director is Dr Patrick Sookhdeo who did a PhD on Islam at the University of London.

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