al-Malikiyya is located in Mandatory Palestine
Arabic المالكية
Also Spelled Malikiya, al
District Safad
Coordinates 33°06′19.81″N 35°30′22.67″E / 33.1055028°N 35.5062972°E / 33.1055028; 35.5062972Coordinates: 33°06′19.81″N 35°30′22.67″E / 33.1055028°N 35.5062972°E / 33.1055028; 35.5062972
Population 360[1] (1945)
Area 7,328[1] dunums
Date of depopulation 28 May 1948[2]
Cause(s) of depopulation Military assault by Yishuv forces
Current localities Malkiya[3][4]

al-Malikiyya (Arabic: المالكية‎) was a Lebanese village located in the Jabal Amil district of Lebanon. In a 1920s census, the village was registered as Lebanon. It was later placed under the British Mandate of Palestine. Its population was Metawali Shiite, and were originally considered to be from Lebanon. In a 1930s census, the village was registered as Palestinian and part of the Safed District.



According to the Arab geographer Yaqut al-Hamawi (d. 1228), the people of al-Malikiyya had a wooden platter that they believed was originally owned by the prophet Mohammed.[4][5]

In 1596, al-Malikiyya was a village in the Ottoman nahiya (subdistrict) of Tibnin under the liwa' (district) of Safad, with a population of 369. It paid taxes on a number of crops, such as wheat, barley, as well as goats and beehives.[6]

In the late nineteenth century, the village of Al-Malkiyya was described as being built of stone and mud, lying on a plain to the east of a valley. Well supplied with water from a nearby wadi, the village's 200-300 inhabitants cultivated olives.[7]

In 1944/45 a total of 4,225 dunums of land was allocated to cereals.[4] [8]


Al-Malikiyya changed hands no fewer than five times between May and October 1948.[4] A battle was fought in the village on 5-6 June 1948, during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Combatants were Israelis and the Lebanese army commanded by then Lebanese minister of defense, Emir Majid Arslan II. As a result of the war, the village was depopulated.

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