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A train consists of a single or several connected rail vehicles that are capable of being moved together along a guideway to transport freight or passengers from one place to another along a planned route.

Train may also mean:
* Train (roller coaster), the specialized vehicle which transports riders around a roller coaster track
* Gear train; in a machine, an interconnected series of gears. Known in mechanical clocks and watches as a 'wheel train'.
* Camel train or Wagon train, an animal-powered transport caravan
* Conveyor or Conveyor belt (mining terminology)
* Road train, a truck design used in remote areas of Australia to move bulky loads efficiently
* Trackless train, running on roads, looks like a train is often used for amusement
* In costume, a train is a long hem at the back of a gown or cape which trails behind the wearer.
* Bridal train on a wedding dress, more generally in clothing, a train refers to the part of a some gowns that trail behind the wearer
* Tourist Railway Association, Inc., acronym TRAIN
* Train (MMORPG), anything involving many moving things in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
* George Francis Train, an American businessman, author and eccentric.
* LNG train, a natural gas liquefaction unit
* "Pull the train", a term for gangbang group sex
* Storm train, when storms line up in a series and travel over the same area.


* Train (band), an American modern rock band formed in 1994
* Train (album), the 1998 release by the band of the same name.
* "Train (Goldfrapp song)", a 2003 single by Goldfrapp

Fiction, film and television

*Train Heartnet, a fictional character in the anime series Black Cat
*"Train", a horror movie
*"The Train", a 1964 war movie
* Train 48, a Canadian drama series which ran from 2003 until 2005

Place name

*Train, Bavaria, a town in the district of Kelheim, Bavaria, Germany

See also

* Rail transport modelling, model trains
* Training, in which students are drawn along by teachers
* trains (disambiguation)

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