Water tunnel

Water tunnel may refer to:

*Water tunnel (hydrodynamic), an experimental facility used for testing the hydrodynamic behavior of submerged bodies in flowing water, similar to a wind tunnel
*Water tunnel (physical infrastructure), a tunnel used to transport water, typically underground

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  • water tunnel — noun : a device for the study or testing of the flow about bodies in which water is the mobile fluid compare wind tunnel * * * water tunnel noun (aeronautics) A tunnel in which water is circulated instead of air to obtain a visual representation… …   Useful english dictionary

  • water tunnel — noun a) A facility, comparable to a wind tunnel, in which an underwater component may be tested in a controlled flow of water. b) A tunnel used to transport water …   Wiktionary

  • water tunnel — /ˈwɔtə tʌnəl/ (say wawtuh tunuhl) noun a device similar to a wind tunnel, except that water is the circulating fluid instead of air, used for aerodynamic tests at slow stream velocities …   Australian English dictionary

  • Water tunnel (physical infrastructure) — Water tunnels are used to deliver water by using a below ground channel.ee also*New York City water supply system *New York City Water Tunnel No. 3 *Metropolitan Water District of Southern California …   Wikipedia

  • Water tunnel (hydrodynamic) — A water tunnel is an experimental facility used for testing the hydrodynamic behavior of submerged bodies in flowing water. It is very similar to a recirculating wind tunnel but with water as the working fluid, and related phenomena are… …   Wikipedia

  • New York City Water Tunnel No. 3 — is the largest capital construction project in New York state s history and among the most complex engineering projects in the world today. It is being constructed by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and is intended …   Wikipedia

  • Päijänne Water Tunnel — The Päijänne Water Tunnel (Lang fi|Päijännetunneli) is the world s longest continuous rock tunnel located in the Southern Finland. It is 120 kilometers (75 miles) long and runs 30–100 meters under the surface in bedrock. The purpose of the tunnel …   Wikipedia

  • Bolmen Water Tunnel — The Bolmen Water Tunnel is a water supply tunnel, 82 km (51 miles) long. It goes from the lake Bolmen in Kronoberg County to the province of Scania, all in Sweden, and it serves around 700,000 people with drinking water. It has a cross section… …   Wikipedia

  • Tunnel — This article is about underground passages. For other uses, see Tunnel (disambiguation). Underground tunnel for heatpipes between Rigshospitalet and Amagerværket in Denmark …   Wikipedia

  • Water crib — Water cribs are offshore structures that collect water from close to the bottom of a lake to supply a pumping station onshore. The name crib is derived from the function of the structure to surround and protect the intake shaft. Cities supplied… …   Wikipedia

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