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caption=Sister Psyche as she appears in a render released by NCSoft
character_name=Sister Psyche
real_name=Shalice Tillman
publisher=Image Comics
debut="City of Heroes"
creators=Sean Michael Fish
alliances=Freedom Phalanx
powers=Mind control, telepathy, force fields, "Mindriding"|

Sister Psyche is a fictional character who appears in the "City of Heroes" universe of games, novels, and comics. She is one of the more powerful psychics in Paragon City.

After the onslaught of the Rikti War, Shalice Tilman's body was damaged to the extent that Sister Psyche was forced to put her mind into the body of another superheroine, Aurora Borealis. Eventually, Numina attempted to return Sister Psyche's mind to her original body, but this left Aurora Borealis weak, and her husband sought out the assistance of other heroes to help. When the ritual was complete, Sister Psyche returned to her original body.

When Arachnos attacked Paragon City in "City of Heroes" #1, Sister Psyche's mind was split, again, between herself, and the mind of her former host. Upon being exposed to the Flame of Prometheus, her mind was eventually restored to its original state as well as her powers.

Later on in the series, Sister Psyche is abducted by Arachnos' agents to power a new giant spider-like robot. However, Lord Recluse's plans failed when it was revealed Manticore was a double agent, successfully saving her from a grim fate; unlike the other members of the Freedom Phalanx, Shalice was in on Manticore's plans. This arc in the series lays hints at a relationship between between Sister Psyche and Manticore, though she initially states that what Manticore feels for her can't be accurately described as love. Oddly, the final arc of the series culminates in Sister Psyche's acceptance of Manticore's marriage proposal.

On February 14th, 2008 in an in game event on the Traing Room Server, Manticore and Sister Psyche tied the knot, though immediately after the ceremony they were attacked by Lord Recluse and his minions but successfully fended off the attack.

Powers and abilities

Sister Psyche is one of the more powerful psychics in City of Heroes. She can control the minds of others, and protect herself and her teammates with force fields. Within the comics, she has also displayed the ability to read the minds of others, making her quite the accomplished telepath. This has allowed her to inform her teammates on their enemies' weaknesses as well as their identities. However, she is known to be incapable or less effective at probing other telepaths. Her telepathy also allows her to communicate with others, even across large distances, as seen multiple times in the comics. She also has a special "Mindriding" ability that allows her to go from mind to mind freely. However, her own body is inert while in this process, and it is vital for her to escape a person's mind upon their death or she will suffer their same fate.

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